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Reaching Beyond Ourselves: Leading A Spiritual, Peaceful And Diverse World by Topaz Ruby

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by Topaz Ruby  

My Jewish Heritage in Short Stories (Simple Rhyme) and Images – Beverly Hills Book Awards Winner!

In this second edition of her award-winning (2014 Beverly Hills Book Awards, poetry category) debut book, Topaz Ruby explores through poetry and imagery what her languages (Russian, Hebrew, English) and cultures mean to her. She describes her childhood in Ukraine, the joys and sorrows of growing up in Israel, and her decision to immigrate to Nova Scotia in 2009 and write in English. She shares her prayers for a spiritual, peaceful and diverse world while referring to the teachings of her own Jewish traditions, the Bahá'í faith, other world religions, Albert Einstein, the Dalai Lama and others. Topaz Ruby is a member of the Israeli Bar.
This book of poetry, fiction, partial memoir, and imagery showcases various arts created in Nova Scotia by prominent, world-renowned artists as well as by emerging artists – including the author. It features the award-winning poem “The Dancing Phoenix”, ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal (Issue 1, June, 2013).
“Ruby’s prize-winning book deserves appreciation, for her articulation of her heartfelt beliefs and for her presentation of her impressive art and that of others...Ruby's own verse recalls the humanism and mysticism of William Blake...verses are likely better thought songs…” – George Elliott Clarke, Former Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate
“At that time, she wrote some stories about herself as a gift for a nephew’s bar mitzvah and a niece’s bat mitzvah, which became the basis for her Reaching Beyond Ourselves.” – Canadian Jewish News
“This book is a song for peace.” – Cynthia Whitcomb, Emmy-nominated writer
“This is a fascinating book. I read each poem and I admire the writing style and the ideas presented in the book. I enjoyed the touch of humour in the “Paint Splash” poem. I appreciated Ruby’s deep feeling of sadness and gratitude for the sacrifices of her ancestors in the poem “Not Far Away from Babi Yar.” The beautiful poem about “The Righteous of Nation” expresses thanks and gratitude to the brave Christian farmers, who saved the life of Ruby’s grandmother, Pessia during the Holocaust. Ruby wrote of hope and survival in the poem “A mothers’ Prayer”. She wrote very warmly about Israel in “Henna and Gabi”, describing the Jewish festivals - an educational guide to every Jew. In her poem “Peace, Shalom, Salaam”,  she wrote about the hope for peace that was shuttered by the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. The quotes from Albert Einstein, the Dalai Lama, Hillel, Dorota Glowacka and others add meaning and words of wisdom to this wonderful book.” – Bracha Koren (reader review)
·         Great Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift
·         Great for anyone who wants to learn about Jewish heritage and Israel
·         Great gift for any religious holiday
·         Great for poetry and art lovers
·         Great for those who are interested in human rights

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