Friday, June 26, 2020

Positively Georgia's Guide to Surviving Grief by Elizabeth Ferris

5.0 out of 5 stars

“Through a dog’s eyes into your heart.”

Positively Georgia’s Guide to Surviving Grief Kindle Edition

by Best Selling Author Elizabeth Ferris

Positively Georgia's Guide to Surviving Grief aims to help teens and adults deal positively with the loss of a loved one. Georgia is an illustrated Airedale Terrier who is full of energy and inspiring ideas. Always experiencing the world with love and appreciation, Georgia steps readers through a number of ideas and strategies to heal from loss and move on to recover a happy, rewarding life.

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About the Author

Author Elizabeth Ferris Brings Endearing Stories, Inspiration and Positive Values to Children and Adults

Elizabeth Ferris' love of books started early. Even as a child she combined the creation of books with the business of selling them. Neighbors recount how young Elizabeth sold her brother's comic books from a stand in her family's front yard.

Later, when Elizabeth had children of her own, she created "All 4 Kids", a captivating, educating, and entertaining newspaper for daycare providers. She also published the magazine "Innovate" read and appreciated throughout Northern British Columbia.

Today Elizabeth Ferris is the proud author of popular children's books including "Positively Georgia -- The Motivational Book for Children and Dog Lovers." Georgia is a cuddly Airedale dog who sees everything in her world as joyful and wondrous.

The book offers reassuring and inspiring lessons for children and adults. It's 42 beautifully illustrated pages teach surroundings can be fun and amazing when accompanied by enthusiasm and a can-do attitude.

Georgia discovers she has unique talents that can make her a big success. It's an important idea for children to know each child is special and valuable. The book can also be inspiring to parents, grandparents, and caretakers.

Elizabeth draws from a lifetime of sometimes difficult experiences. Her parents immigrated to Canada from Hungary creating a marvelous family with more than 60 years of love. Today Elizabeth divides her time between writing books and serving as an Executive Assistant for a Health Authority in Western Canada.

Watch for the next Elizabeth Ferris book coming soon!

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