Friday, June 5, 2020

SHAKE BEFORE USE: A Basic Guide For How Life Works by Penelope Morcillo

by Penelope Morcillo  

MIAMI, FLORIDA (June 1, 2020): Penelope Morcillo announces today the promotion campaign of her book, titled “Shake Before Use: A Basic Guide For How Life Works,” self-published in the United States. This practical guide will walk readers step-by-step through the process of self-discovery and enlightenment in ways that will empower and equip them to become better versions of themselves. It introduces a simple, yet powerful and unique method to help raise one’s consciousness and inspire a rebirth of who they are and who they are meant to be.

Offering new insights and self-help techniques based on ancient principles as well as “lessons learned” from the author’s own research and personal experiences, this book will equip readers with a new – and more holistic – perspective of themselves and their impact on those around them. The premise: How one views life is how one approaches life. Change the perspective, and you change the behaviors. Specifically, readers will:
• Borrow the building blocks for your mental structure from ancient knowledge and become the winner of your life.
• Learn the various levels of consciousness and how to continually increase their self-awareness and empowerment.
• Receive mental, physical, spiritual and meditative techniques for overcoming daily life challenges
• Understand how the mind, body and soul work together to influence views and behaviors
• Create more positive thinking habits and behavioral patterns to transform themselves
• Start designing their own life path towards personal fulfillment and happiness

“I wrote this book to give others hope in that no matter their background or circumstance, they can proactively create the life they want; they don’t have to feel stuck in the role they think will please their family or society,” said Morcillo. “I found this out the hard way by making a lot of mistakes growing up – some of them very painful – because I did not have the mental structure to build myself and make sense of my knowledge.”

Added Morcillo: “But, I also learned from those mistakes. I discovered a way to navigate my compass towards what I wanted. In doing so, I felt empowered to pursue my full potential. And now, I feel compelled to pay that insight forward – especially to women. I want this book to help them approach life through a lens of consciousnesses and of love, and to support them in becoming who they want to be, and not what they’re told to be.” 

About the Author
Penelope Morcillo
Entrepreneur | Sales & Marketing Professional I Book Author
Madrid Area, Spain

Penelope Morcillo is a serial entrepreneur, marketing & sales executive, and book author with more than 20 years of experience in creating and launching successful brands in the telecommunications, technology, architecture, real estate, and fashion industries.

Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Penelope has launched diverse platforms and services, overseeing everything from market analysis and business growth strategies, to brand/product marketing and development lifecycle, to partner alliances and relationship management.

Currently the CEO & General Manager —of two companies she founded— the European and the American division for parent brand of an Education Platform (including the Royal Hispania Group Publishing House) and Caramel Agency (communication, marketing and public relations). Additionally, she is the Director of a company related to real estate and fashion. Also, Penelope has developed profitable co-branding strategies and partnerships with start-ups to big brands.

Penelope has traveled the world, living, studying and/or working in various countries, including Spain, England and the United States. Her travels have opened her mind to international customs and flavors, inspiring many of her cross-cultural viewpoints and her personal mission to help others become better versions of themselves. Her heart for empowering women around the world has led her to volunteering with charities and non-profit organizations, such as the RedMadre Foundation.

Always focused on learning, Penelope has earned multiple academic degrees and honors from Universities around the world. She holds a bachelor’s degree in European Studies, a master’s degree in Financial Management and in International Foreign Trade, as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA).
An integral part of her education process has transcended the academic realm to study the philosophical, psychological and spiritual arenas. This started her on a journey of self-discovery in which she was introduced to Buddhist mediation, studied teachings from renowned spiritual advisors and thought leaders, and experienced a profound period of intense personal introspection.
Inspired by the benefits of her self-transformation and personal growth, Penelope penned her first book: “Shake Before Use: A Basic Guide for How Life Works.” Published in 2018, this book provides insight and self-help techniques based on ancient principles and “lessons learned” from her years of research and personal experiences.
Penelope’s goal is to provide an integrated educational and personal development framework on which people—especially women—can learn to develop new life skills and become more enlightened, conscious and responsible individuals (mind, body and soul). Through her book, she wants to inspire as many people as possible how to create a better way of life…and to believe it is possible. For Penelope, this is not only her personal mission, but is also her social responsibility.


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