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The Cursed Princess Book 1 of the Eumetadotos Series by Chrissy White

Science Fiction Fantasy

Book 1 of the Eumetadotos Series 

When Arianna is taken ill at the age of 9, only Ellavorn can heal her. In that moment, their lives are changed forever as the seeds of love have been planted.

Nine years later, Arianna is faced with the task of choosing a husband. Once she has rejected numerous suitors, Ellavorn proposes. On a trip, her parents are attacked and murdered. Ellavorn tried to save her mother, but it was too late. After the untimely death of her parents, Arianna breaks off her engagement out of grief, and is intent on ruling her kingdom alone. Little does she know of the challenges that she faces, and the hidden family secrets.

Helping her along the way is her friend and handmaiden, Abigail, the Captain of the Royal Guard, Joshua, who may turn out to be more than just a friend, Thomas, a boy who works in the kitchens, and several different Elves. Can they save the kingdom of Eumetadotos, or will Arianna’s kingdom fall? 


          “Come, Ellavorn, there is no time to lose.  The princess grows ever weaker with every breath.”
“Father, why must we save this child…this human child?”  Ellavorn sneered at the thought of squandering his healing gift on a mortal child.  “She will die eventually anyway.” The disdain that Ellavorn had for humans rolled off of his body in waves as he spoke to his father.  “Why is this child so important?  She is a mere human.  Let her die.  She will only come to that in the end anyway.  Why prolong that agony?”
Armen turned his horse to face his son.  He looked him up and down.  Ellavorn’s long, sandy brown hair was drawn back from his face; his blue eyes were narrowed in disgust.  His lean body looked as if he were drawn tighter than a bowstring, ready to snap at a moment’s notice.  Armen knew that his son despised humans.  He had a lot to learn still.  Although he was 107 years old, Ellavorn was still considered young by elven standards.  He was, however, the best healer in the elven kingdom.
“Humans are not as bad as you make them out to be.”
“Then why do elves not mate with them?”  Ellavorn mocked his father’s compassion towards humans.
“That is a good question, my son.”
“I will answer that for you.  We do not mate with them so that we do not taint our blood with mortality.  Death is a trait for them, not for us.  They are all destined for it.  Why not just let her die along with the rest of the human filth?”
“You know as well as I do that that is not true.  Many Elves have met with death in battles.  Besides, this is no mere human, Ellavorn.”
“What makes this child so special, father?  Why are we rushing to aid her?  Should we not be tending to our own people, instead of rushing to heal a human?  If we were to rush to the aid of every  hu-”
Armen cut him off.  “She is the child born with violet eyes.”
Ellavorn’s eyes widened in surprise and he gasped.  “Then, the prophecy is true?”
“It seems so.  This child is to be the great savior of our land.”
Ellavorn sneered.  “Exactly what is she to save us from?”
“That, I do not know.  But, I have seen what is foretold.  She does not know it yet, but, she will save us all from an untold evil.  We must save her or all of us will be doomed.”
It seemed to Armen that his son finally understood how urgent it was to get to the little princess’ aide.  They turned and rode off at a full gallop as if their own lives depended on it.
As Armen and Ellavorn rode up to the castle, they dismounted their horses, leaving them in the care of the stable boy, who was alerted that they would be arriving at any moment.  They raced to the princess’ room and flung open the door.  The sight before them was a heart wrenching one.  Queen Alexandra sat on the bed by her daughter’s side, holding her hand and weeping, while King Jasper sat quietly by the window, rocking back and forth in his chair, watching his daughter with a stoic face.  Princess Arianna, only 9 years old, thrashed with a fever in the bed, eyes closed, alternating screaming and moaning in pain.  Her chestnut hair was drenched with sweat, her face, ashen.
Ellavorn knelt next to the bed.  Arianna thrashed some more in the bed as he took her free hand in his.  He concentrated on her pale, sweaty face.  He said the healing words in his mind, and slowly, Arianna’s body relaxed.  He held onto her hand for a few minutes longer, making sure that the sickness had entirely left her body.  When he was sure that she was completely healed, he opened his eyes.  His blue eyes were met with the midnight sky staring back at him.
Ellavorn’s heart stilled at the sight.  He had never seen anything so beautiful in his entire life.  He had never felt anything like what he felt staring into this child’s eyes, this human’s eyes.  In that instant, the wall of stone surrounding Ellavorn’s heart shattered into a million pieces.  He finally understood the compassion that his father was trying to teach him.  He gasped inwardly when he realized that in that one instant, he had fallen in love with the Princess Arianna.

About the Author

Chrissy White was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, where she still lives with her husband and two daughters. She has always had a love of reading. As a child, her mother would read “normal” children’s stories to her brother and her, while her father would tell them stories from The Lord of the Rings, and other series like them. This inspired a love of fiction and fantasy that still prevails today. She has always loved to write, and has had several poems published by the National Library of Poetry. Throughout high school, she would entertain her friends with short stories. She enjoys baking, spending time at the beach, crafting, trying to paint, and being with her family.

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