Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Drop Your Stirrups by Angela Mercer-Penny

“Straight up real talk on how being present
in the moment will shift your whole world.”

How to live with intention, shift your perspective, and awaken your untapped potential 

Do you have an intrinsic notion that your life is destined for a bigger purpose here on Earth?

You are smart, resourceful and whole, yet you can’t shake this all-knowing feeling that there is something consequential that you are missing about your own story.

How would you like to:

• Reduce stress, fear, and worry so that you can turn up the volume on your inner wisdom?

• Discover how simply changing your language can improve self-confidence, and bring abundance into your life?

• Embrace your vulnerability while remaining resilient to the effects of toxic people and negative behavior?

• Reveal your purpose and finally listen to what your heart desires?

Drop Your Stirrups is a retreat in self-discovery back to the familiar place where you already know the answers you just have to remember to ask yourself the right questions.

About the Author

Angela Mercer-Penny went from being a small town girl with big dreams to an award winning entrepreneur, best-selling author and relentless happiness-seeker.

After being anchored to wearisome responsibilities that were quickly killing her spirit, she began to pursue a more meaningful life of writing, saving animals, and encouraging others to fearlessly follow their heart. Angela lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, with her ever-growing two and four-legged family.

“Straight up real talk on how being present
in the moment will shift your whole world.”


Katie Nelson said...

Looks interesting - thanks for the suggestion!

Gina said...

I love the cover and the title!