Monday, September 26, 2016

Divine Love by Dylan Morrison

“A compact collection of stirring thoughts.”

by Dylan Morrison  

Divine Love is an inspirational collection of spiritual musings from the pen of Irish writer, Dylan Morrison. The fruit of a life-long, roller-coaster journey, it encapsulates Morrison's personal take on all things God, Self and Religious. Each pithy reflection aims to release us from our propensity for self-deception, by leading us to the Mystery of Source and its healing offspring, Self-compassion. Morrison's literary tools are humor, mixed with a disarming, Irish honesty as he examines what really makes us tick.

The favored Linus blankets of both organized religion and New Age philosophies come under his razor-sharp scrutiny, opening up liberating, new areas of exploration for the sincere, spiritual seeker. If you're asking life's big questions, then Divine Love is surely the book for you.

About the Author
Dylan Morrison is an Irish spiritual author and out of the box Yeshua thinker, now resident in the historic cathedral city of Lincoln, England. An ex-high school mathematics teacher, he unexpectedly became an author after two mystical experiences gate crashed his humdrum life back in June 2004.

Dylan writes from an inspiring stream of consciousness, particularly for those damaged by or just curious about the psycho-spiritual religious world. His aim is to remove the religious packaging from around the historical Nazarene prophet, Yeshua bar Yosef, inviting his readers into a practical experience of Yeshua's spirituality.

Dylan's first book 'The Prodigal Prophet', a 'Wizard of Oz' meets Bunyan's 'Pilgrim's Progress', details his roller coaster journey in search of the Divine in the often whacky yet deeply tragic world of Irish Charismatic religion.

Dylan's second book 'Bolts From The Blue', an inspirational daily reader on the mystical search for meaning is now available in paperback and Kindle editions.

'Way Beyond The Blue' is Dylan's third book, a book for both mind and heart. Rooted in the often neglected practice of Christian mysticism, Irish contemplative, Dylan leads us into an exploratory roller-coaster tour of our inner and outer psychological landscapes.

'Matrix Messiah' is possibly Dylan's most controversial book to date, examining the human predicament and the Nazarene, Yeshua bar Yosef, from the perspective of mimetic theory and transpersonal psychology. The hidden message of history's leading religious icon sheds new light on our most human of problems; rivalry and its contagious violence.

'Mystical Steps' is Dylan's most recent book. Concerned by the lack of reading material regarding mysticism within both religious and non-religious spiritual genres, Dylan has penned this little book to encourage the potential mystic on their way. The three main branches of mysticism are outlined and discussed with some practical tips as how our mystical sensitivities may be developed and explored.

Zan, Dylan's long-suffering wife for the past 35 years, is glad that he writes - it gives her a few hours each day to enjoy the peace and quiet that his literary endeavors require.

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