Friday, September 9, 2016

Chain Reaction by Eddie Galison

“Every move has a consequence.”
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By Eddie Galison

A story about Butch and Kane who are identical twins with an identical problem: lack of money. Though the brothers are a lot alike in most instances, Kane proved how different they really are when he targets Memphis’ most notorious businessman. Butch on the other hand, knows that nothing positive comes out of bad deeds. Life is hard for him, but he never realized how sweet it was until he found himself a victim of mistaken identity.

Chain Reaction is a freight train thriller that will trample every fast-paced novel you have ever read. For every action that the brothers take, there is a chain reaction that pulls them deeper into the hole before they can get out. Will they last? Can you tell what is real or what is fiction?

About the Author
Eddie Galison is 33-year-old man and prolific writer who did not discover his hidden talent of writing until his late twenties. He has been through his share of situations in life, which is why he was about to incorporate his life into this masterpiece. He currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, which is his native home, but has traveled abroad. He has a wife and three wonderful children who serves as his rudimentary motivation. He loves writing and has a lot of time to write. He is currently working on part two of this. The story is fiction, but have a little bit of truth in it also. 

Available in paperback here!


Jasmine Galison said...

I have read this book and it is a must read... iI could not put it down once I begin to read it.

Gina said...

Thanks, Jasmine! Sounds like a great novel! It's on my reading list!