Sunday, September 25, 2016

Manhunter Realizations: Book Two Of The Manhunter Chronicles by H. F. Daniels

“Monster…out of the worst nightmare!”

Book Two Of The Manhunter Chronicles

It is now the year 2090 and the world is still recovering from the plague that devastated mankind half a century ago only to now be faced with a new threat.

Conrad Hutchins is a Manhunter. A late 21st century bounty hunter who up until a few months ago had lived a happy adventurous, albeit dangerous life. Catch the bad guys, bring them in, get paid. His assignment a few months ago was to catch a monstrous killer and bring him in for justice.

The job was supposed to be a simple one. That is until he found out that the killer was a true to life, right out of the worst nightmare real "Monster". He also found out that the monsters of mankind's legends really do exist and he was given a strange but powerful weapon which he used to kill two of them. The weapon however, he is finding, may be more dangerous than the monsters themselves.

To add to this woes, he has fallen in love with an exotic alien beauty who is from a race of beings who have hidden themselves from mankind for thousands of years, and he is not sure where his love life is headed. The government has assigned him the job of hunting down and killing these monsters.

Unbeknownst to him is that some of these monsters are already up to no good and mankind is in their sights. Worse the baddest of these monsters has decided it wants to hunt down Conrad personally and it is not the only one.

Read this exciting, action filled second novel in "The Manhunter Chronicles" series as Conrad tries to stop these monsters without knowing that he himself has become the prey.

About the Author
Retired as a Maintenance Supervisor after some long but rewarding years. Now I am enjoying my retirement doing what I always wanted to do, but could not find the time while working long hours. Writing science fiction and science fantasy novels.

Book One of the Manhunter Chronicles

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