Thursday, September 15, 2016

DARREN by Kumani Persons - eBook Giveaway!

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Kindle Edition

Here you will read a story about the extreme pleasure of a young man who enjoyed science and loved the study of animals. The account is written as fiction. The dialogue has been originally created. 

What appears in the story is disturbing and horrifying. It may be difficult for some to read. There is no attempt to soften the impact. 

This book is about the will of the human spirit to survive. This is an unspeakable horror. As a matter of mind, this story is about a heart that presents first as good and turns evil. 

A horrible, hopeless situation conceivable within the mind turns a man to evil through mind, matter, courage, and intelligence. 

This book gives a sense of mind control, in control and out of control. A distinguished intern’s life is violently disrupted. Inexplicably, he manipulates his mind for his will to live. 

About the Author
I studied linguistic and my personal traits are poet, author, singer, and lyricist. I am credited to writing songs with Paramount Song and Music City Media.

My poetry is what instigated my professional writing career. In addition to being a writer I am a notable entrepreneur, and orator. 

Kindle eBook Giveaway!!
Enter to win here!

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