Saturday, July 16, 2016

Whinny of the Wild Horses by Amy Laundrie

 "The rapid pace and tense drama will easily mesmerize readers…”

by Amy C. Laundrie  

An exciting adventure story of a wild horse born on the open range, captured by an unscrupulous rancher, then befriended by a young girl.

"The rapid pace and tense drama will easily mesmerize readers...provides a timely peek at the plight of wild horses, which is an ongoing environmental issue." -- Booklist

Wildfire was immediately alerted by the call. It seemed to him that Whinny was threatening his authority; this time, the colt had gone too far. He charged after the colt and pushed against him so hard that Whinny nearly fell over. Whinny tore off toward the hills. The stallion kept chasing him until he crossed the stream. No longer hearing the pounding of hoofs behind him, Whinny slowed down. He looked back. Wildfire was still watching him. Whinny knew he couldn’t go back.

About the Author
Amy Laundrie's books reflect her love of animals and nature. Besides Whinny of the Wild Horses, she’s the author of Noah's Ark Pet Care Club and the Kayla Montgomery mystery series which includes Eye of Truth, Thirty Pieces of Silver, Deliver Us From Evil, Lead Us Not Into Temptation, and Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

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