Saturday, July 23, 2016

How to Feed Your Horse by C.J. Lledo

“Calculate and manage your horses diet.”
Available in Kindle and paperback here!

An Owner's Guide to Calculating Your Horse's Diet 
by C.J. Lledo 

Feeding your horse is possibly the most confusing, frustrating and talked about subject associated with ownership. While making sense of all the different feeds, vitamins, additives, and figuring out how much, how often or how to keep your horse from losing condition is a challenge of its own making.

How to Feed Your Horse clarifies the murky waters surrounding feeding horses, taking into consideration all the various interchangeable circumstances that need to be addressed in order to correctly calculate and manage your horses diet, using what is available to you.

With topics such as:
· Food and How it Affects Your Horse’s Temperament,
· Feeding’s Building Blocks,
· The Seven Golden Rules of Feeding,
· Feeding, Myths, Legends and Hearsay,
· Digestibility of Feeds,
· Quantity vs. Quality,
· Useful Vitamins, Additives and Herbs,
· Common Feeding Problems, and
· Calculating Your Horse’s Diet

These topics make up only part of the book that provides a holistic approach to feeding horses.

About the Author
Having respectively worn the caps of groom, instructor, trainer, stud and stable manager: CJ started her career with horses at age nine, cleaning tack in lieu for pony rides. By age twelve, she worked as a part time groom for a riding school on weekends and holidays, and was fired from a dealing yard at age seventeen for advising clients not to buy a problem horse. She then worked herself into the position of assistant manager of a Quarter Horse stud by age nineteen: And at age twenty-four, was short-listed by some of the top studs: finally accepting the position of stud manager on the biggest Friesian horse stud in the southern hemisphere: where she managed just shy of two hundred Friesians. It was during this time that her ability to profile horses became paramount.

With family life, the need to cut back on hours saw her focus more on instruction and training rather than management. Where she has since laid the foundation for numerous youngsters, both human and equine, to succeed in whatever facet of the sport they selected: and although not competitively minded, she has held numerous local, regional and national titles.

When not riding or tending to the family, CJ writes the horsey stories she would have liked to read.

“Calculate and manage your horses diet.”
Available in Kindle and paperback here!

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