Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shiver and Fears Series by AJ Hard

Horror Fiction for Kids
Shiver and Fears: A series of 25 Spine-Tingling Tales!

Shiver and Fears Book 20
by AJ Hard 

Angelica and her friend live in a town where everyone believes there’s a witch hidden within the neighborhood. But it’ll take more than crackling, black cats, and spell books to convince David the witch is his sister.

About the Series
Shiver and Fears is a series of 25 spine-tingling tales! Available from multiple book-sites, this book series is a new genre which AJ Hard calls Horror Fiction for Kids.

The Shiver and Fears series is about young teens getting stuck in unnatural situations that they either solve or make worse in the end. The series name comes from the scary theory by AJ Hard that one frightened reader (the shiver) will read tons of scary stories (the fears) also known as one-shiver-ton of fears (Shiver and Fears)! Shiver and Fears books are made for young readers between the age of 9-15; however, a few adults seem to like them as well.

About the Author
AJ Hard has been writing Shiver and Fears since July 20, 2012. This new author writes horror fiction chapter books for kids. Hard gives readers a chance to stand in the spotlight as he adds them into one of his stories. Shiver and Fears was inspired by RL Stine's Goosebumps. The name Shiver and Fears represents one frightened reader that reads multiple scary tales; AKA the author's phrase "1 shiver tons of fears". Hard gets his story ideas from dreams, abnormal adventures, and bizarre natural causes.

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Unknown said...

She felt again that small shiver that occured to her when events hinted at a destiny being played out, of unseen forces intervening. See the link below for
more info.


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