Sunday, July 10, 2016

False Gods by L. R. Trovillion

“Cory thought she’d saved the mare. Turns out, it was the other way around.”
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Cory Iverson’s junior year is off to a lousy start. Publicly humiliated by the school’s hottest guy and terrorized by a bullying band director, Cory flees sports try-outs and just about everything else she begins, earning a reputation as a loser as well as a quitter. But when her wandering dog leads her to the barn of a former Grand Prix rider, she finds a welcome refuge in the familiar world of horses.

It’s not too long before she starts dreaming of showing in one of the country’s most prestigious shows—a totally unrealistic hope—until she rescues a mysterious horse with some unusual talents. But her road to success is littered with roadblocks as events spins out of control: prescription painkillers appear in her mother’s purse; her ballerina sister wastes away before her eyes; her boyfriend is keeping secrets; and her normally opinionated trainer becomes strangely evasive.

Worst of all, the horse show world is not what she imagined. It isn’t long before Cory’s winning spree attracts the attention of a brutal trainer with a string of unexplained horse deaths in her wake. When Cory lands in the crosshairs, she has to decide if she’ll once again back down and flee or stand up for herself, her horse, and her dreams. 

About the Author
L.R. Trovillion earned a degree in Russian Language and Literature and has found work at various times of her life as a translator, teacher, reporter, and editor. Nowadays, she makes her home in Maryland on a small horse farm, which she shares with her husband, daughter, and an assortment of four-legged creatures who really run the place. When not writing, she’s usually thinking about writing.

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