Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Light Within Us All by Tyrone M. Robinson III

“It’s your time to be happy.”
Available in Paperback and eBook here!
Life Lessons Through Self-Discovery
by Tyrone M. Robinson III

Proven through years of religious, philosophical and psychological studies along with the longitudinal analysis of past and present subscribers of those willing to take heed to the lessons and precepts taught and communicated by Robinson — The Light Within Us All, Life Lessons Through Self-Discovery, an easy to read handbook, summarizes a program designed to help you achieve life goals, unconditional happiness, meaning, purpose, and total freedom.

This book is broken-up into a 3-part series in order to promote the application and deliberation of its principles. At the end of this first installment you will have learned how and why to appreciate your origin, invest in yourself, discover and follow your passion, find your purpose, make bold changes, apply new life skills, and so much more. If you have ever wanted an opportunity to be the person you always wanted to be or do the things, you have always wanted to do. Here is your opportunity to get started.

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About the Author
Residing in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Tyrone M. Robinson III is the Owner of Opportunities 2 Serve. Opportunities 2 Serve specializes in Life and Career Coaching.

Tyrone is a speaker, blogger, delivers/facilitates workshops, and participates in various community activities.

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Twitter: @opp2s

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