Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Manhunter Revelations by H. F. Daniels

“Definitely a GREAT Book for Suspense, Thriller and Fantasy Enthusiasts!!”
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The Manhunter Chronicles Book 1 - Kindle Edition

The year is 2089. The world is still recovering from the inhuman plague that killed over 90% of the human population 48 years ago.

The northwest town of Woodspirit is under attack. A number of women in the town have been viciously torn apart and killed while being raped. The local police have been unable to catch this killer and have lost men in the process. The killer attacks have been so brutal that only a man with a truly monstrous nature could commit such acts.

Conrad Huthins is a "Manhunter". A late 21st century bounty hunter who brings the worst of the worst in for justice. Hired by the sheriff and an exotically beautiful woman from the town of Woodspirit, his assignment is to catch and bring this monstrous killer in for justice. In the process of tracking down this killer, Conrad discovers that not all is as it seems in this town. What if this monster of a killer Conrad is hunting really is a "monster”? What if the "monsters" in mankind’s legends are truly real.

About the Author
I am a retired Maintenance Supervisor after 38 LONG but rewarding years. Now I am enjoying my retirement doing what I always wanted to do, but could not find the time while working long hours, writing science fiction and science fantasy novels.

I hope you enjoy reading the Book #1. Ebook #2 in the Manhunter Chronicles series "Manhunter Realizations" is coming by end of summer 2016.

Favorite Supernatural Books:
*The Dresden Files Series By Jim Butcher
*Garrett P.I.Series By Glen Cook

Fav Swords and Sorcery Books:
*The Black Company Series By Glen Cook
*Hawk & Fisher Series By Simon R. Green

Fav Science Fiction Books:
*Dumerest Of Terra Series By E.C. Tubb

Fav Action and Adventure Books:
*Doc Savage Series By Kenneth Robeson
*Mack Bolan Series By Don Pendleton

Fav TV Shows:
*Stargate SG1
*Stargate Atlantis
*Stargate Universe (Series need to be finished)
*The Walking Dead
*Game Of Thrones
*The Last Ship
*Falling Skies

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