Friday, July 15, 2016

Just a Monumental Summer by M. Schneiders

“A feel-good tone story of love and unconventional affairs,
laced with surprises and treachery.”

Girl on the train Kindle Edition

She’s beautifully striking, yet conniving under her sheltered guise. He’s a handsome and genuine musician whose next passion becomes her. It is summer in pre-revolution communist Romania and the timing could not be any better…

The book is a story beyond words of unforgettable love, heartbreak and an inevitable growth. It revolves around Mona - a gorgeous woman surrounded by more men than she can want, in the very peak of an extraordinary summer. Used to getting what she wants, coupled with looks and brains to kill for, Mona signs up for a summer job to escape a pressured life and an illicit relationship with a married man –a big shot from the Communist Party. She then finds herself surprisingly drawn to a new life; a life of music and musicians, of the high spirited and free thinkers, of no worries.

Mona meets Alin and her life is slowly but seemingly turned around with a rock star romance, yet Mona’s desire for true love and happiness is overshadowed by her internal vacuum and struggles.

Readers have a front row seat on exploring the rock star romance between Alin and Mona – like in an endeared reality TV show - of course, that is if the show revolves around sarcastic quips, intelligent conversations and funny observations.

This is a feel-good tone story of love and unconventional affairs, laced with surprises and treachery.  Any reader can relate to Mona - the strong female lead with a reality show-like lens, along with other characters in the novel with illicit romances, love affairs, betrayal and tests of the human psyche. Romance, comedy and drama intertwine to give the novel a personal touch, drawing all types of audiences in for this fiction. 

Just a monumental summer is the first of a Women’s Saga. The second book of the trilogy will continue with Mona’s rollercoaster during the revolution and the third will wrap it up with her picturesque life as Romania transits into a powerful capitalist country.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

About the Author
I am a Romanian-born author seasoned in life’s trials of love and tribulations of the traveling heart. A worldwide traveler, fluent in three languages. I was born and raised in communist Romania, where I experienced the revolution firsthand. I lived in Germany for over 17 years and moved to Las Vegas in 2011.

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