Tuesday, March 1, 2016

LVPerformance.com Horse Supplements

For all your Equine and Horse Supplement Needs

Home of “Great-Gut” for both Dogs & Horses
Specially formulated to enhance the digestive process.
Made in the USA

Gut Probiotics for both Dogs & Horses

Why choose LVPerformance.com for your Equine and Horse Supplements needs?

At LV Performance we understand horses because we ourselves have been lifelong horse owners. Having grown up on a farm, we understand the importance of the supplements and products we give our equines. The horse supplements listed on the LVPerformance.com website have been used and applied daily on our beloved horses. We only want to provide the best in horse care to you!

Anabella Mueger:  Vice President / Director of Sales
“Horses are our passion” – Anabella Mueger

“I grew up with horses and have always felt them to be a part of my family. I love being able to ride daily and compete whenever I have the chance. My personal passion has been in the show ring as both a junior and amateur. I have been able to work directly with veterinarians and some of the top show jumpers in the industry to care for my horses as well as to develop our supplements and increase their effectiveness. Horses can’t speak but they can show you how happy and healthy they are by their performance and attitude.”

Michael Mueger: President / Marketing Director
Growing up on the North Shore of Long Island I have always been surrounded by horses and the families that loved to ride them. After having the opportunity to spend some time during summer vacations to help take care of retired thoroughbreds I fell in love with the animals. My family was not a horse family so I was bucking the trend. Being with retired thoroughbreds I learned a little about horses but it was not until much later in life that I was able to have some real learning experiences about the equine world. My wife, Bella (mentioned above) taught me with great enthusiasm about the equine world.

Having the opportunity to offer only the top supplements to the equine community is what I love most about our company. We carefully choose each formula and brand to find products that will be beneficial to the horses we serve. We see too often that many companies will simply try to capitalize on an industry that is, at times vague in its description and regulation of products. At LVPerformance.com we recognize that if we are truly horse lovers we must use the utmost scrutiny when choosing the products offered for your horse. That is why we say "horse are our passion".

Gut Probiotics for both Dogs & Horses


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