Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wild Spirits: Running with the Herd by Ann Clemons

“A case study in the basic principles of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy from 
Herd vs. Pack behavior, to Pressure and Pain responses,
to the “Re-Circle” method.”

Two wild spirits — Hawk, a wild stallion, and Elena — forge an unlikely friendship in this story of self-discovery, drought, lost souls and family. High Desert ranching is not easy in the best of times, but during extended drought it becomes a delicate balance of life and death that taxes even the strongest of ranch-raised families. Add the dynamic of a hardened teenage foster child and a wild stallion rescued from the system and the story takes an unexpected fork in the road. On the High Desert in New Mexico, in her last chance before being sent to a detention center, Elena meets George and Sally Layton on George's family ranch. She also meets Hawk, an older emaciated wild stallion who has lost his herd — his family — due to a government round up and mustang auction. While hiking on the mesa above the Layton Ranch, Elena finds ancient ruins and learns much about herself and her cultural history. In discovering more about her past, Elena finds a path opening to her future. The two Wild Spirits, Hawk and Elena, find they have much in common, as do all creatures on this earth.

About the Author
Ann Clemons has spent a lifetime working and playing in the equestrian world. For the past decade much of her time and effort have been invested in equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning, i.e. the use of horses in counseling, teaching and team building.

Ann has also been involved in wild horse rescue and the building of suitable habitat for their placement. Working with a university, she has helped put together a program using the horses for treatment of historical trauma on a local pueblo.

Ann lives in San Cristobal, New Mexico and is currently writing the sequel to Wild Spirits

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