Friday, March 4, 2016

Equiyo: Mounted Yoga by Blair McKissock

 Equiyo: Mounted Yoga
Indiana, USA

Equiyo: Mounted Yoga
by Blair McKissock, Director of Education, Strides to

Equiyo is the first book devoted to a mounted yoga practice that incorporates the practice of yoga to create an overall better relationship with your horse. It explores the relationship between humans and horses through a mounted yoga practice.  This practice can help you develop better body awareness and a greater sense of the horses responses to your body.

About the Author
Blair McKissock has been in the field of human animal interaction and experiential education for over 20 years. She earned her BS in Recreation Therapy and her Master’s in Education. She is a PATH registered instructor, certified equine specialist, EAGALA Level 1 and certified WellCoach.  She is the chair of the equine facilitated learning (EAL) community for PATH and works nationally to establish standards in EAL.  Blair is honored to be a part of the Strides staff as an instructor and workshop facilitator.

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