Monday, March 7, 2016

Medi-Muffin by Burli Equine

Burli Equine, LLC Presents
Soft and chewy horse treats that are picky pony approved!
Medi muffins are a molasses based horse treat that horses love to eat. Medi Muffins can be used as a traditional horse treat but they feature a convenient pocket that can disguise horse pills. Medi Muffins are soft and chewy and easily pinch closed around medications.

Online ordering is up and running.
Order now and start spoiling your horses!

Medi Muffins
Medi Muffins are will soon be available at Houle's Farm Garden & Pet in Stillwater, Minnesota and more sellers will be added in the near future. Stay tuned!
About Burli Equine
Burli Equine got it's start when the founders Jordan, a veterinary student, andBekah, a biologist and teacher, were looking for the perfect horse treat.
“Our goal was to spoil our horses and hide a daily medication. After a search for the perfect horse treat came up short, we developed the Medi Muffin with Deb and Mark, who make up the rest of the Burli Equine team.”
The company got it's name from the first horses Bekah and Jordan ever owned, adorable Arabians named Burk and Lisa.  When Jordan and Bekah aren't making Medi Muffins, they're riding their Thoroughbreds Sonia and Reigna, trying to master the finer points of dressage and eventing.
Mark and Deb handle the financials and master the recipe development, respectively. And when they're not working hard to grow the business, they're spending time outdoors at their cabin in Ely, Minnesota.

Burli Equine, LLC

Burli Equine products are made in Minnesota with love for you and your horses.



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