Thursday, March 24, 2016

Consequences by Carmel Rowley

“You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences.”
By Carmel Rowley

Consequences, murder, blackmail and broken promises … Popular television host, Danni Norris appears to have it all. But when a detective friend asks for help to unravel a mystery surrounding a ten year old cold case, Danni finds herself deciphering more than a simple open and shut case of murder. Set on the Darling Downs, amidst the newly established Australian Arabian Racing scene, Consequences tells a story of dreams turned inside out and how the death of one can dictate the fate of others. Danni questions her life and when she re-discovers her love for Arabian horses she decides to take a much-needed break from the stresses of her career. At the same time she cautiously becomes involved with the enigmatic Justin Raine.

While the Arabian horse may be adored for its great beauty and athleticism, Danni soon discovers a dark side to all the adoration. She uncovers a world full of secrets, lies and unscrupulous dealings. And within this world someone waits to kill …

From the Author
Authors Note:  This story evolved in an unusual and complex manner. The seed came first from personal experience caused by the long-winded realization of mistruths, which could have easily been avoided. Years of unanswered questions were followed by the observation of the acceptance to the knowledge of genetic conditions being present in Arabian horses. That of course became the anchor point for both of my fictional past and present tragedies’ spiraling out of control. Here I must add all my characters are fictional, even the horses except several horses whose names have been used by way of example and memory. The properties are also fictional one set south of the city of Toowoomba the other in the picturesque farming country between Toowoomba and Warwick in Queensland, Australia. After years of writing about my family in the Daughters of the Wind series I wondered if I would embrace my new characters. Once the story was finished I had well and truly embraced Danni and Kev almost to the extent that I felt a new series may be coming on. I loved the challenge of weaving the storyline together.

About the Author
I have loved two things all my life, reading and horses. For a horse crazy girl in Melbourne it took until I was thirteen before my parents gave in to my constant pleading and purchased my first horse. My dream was to own a horse like the children in the stories I loved to read.

I married in 1972 and the following year the desire to breed horses became a reality. Together my husband Don and I have owned and bred purebred Arabians for forty years. The years of breeding combined with shared triumphs, sorrows and the forming of lasting friendships in Australia and around the world. It was during this busy time that I began to write
Tails Carried High.

People often say writers are born. I’m sure it’s true to an extent but talent or no, both writers and horse breeders need to be determined, dedicated and confident enough to stride off down the road with a firm idea of where they want to go. My love of books and reading go hand in hand with writing, not that I ever really aspired to write my own books. However, I do have a steadfast determination, so it was inevitable, if I decided to write, I would persist to this end.

During the years while breeding horses I had several opportunities to write articles and stories for: The Australian Arabian Horse NewsArabian Horse ExpressArabian Studs and Stallions Annual, the online magazine, Desert Mirage, and FAWQ magazine Scope.
My short stories are included in the Anthologies: Words from Toowoomba, Tales from our VerandahNorthern Lights and They shall not Grow Old for which I designed the cover and Brio.

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Carmel Rowley Author said...

Thank you dear Gina for Consequences book promotion. It's such a privilege to be once again on your sensational blog.
Sending my kindest regards and thanks.

Gina said...

Hi Carmel! Your beautiful Arabian horses and wonderful writing are the perfect combination!
I am anxious to see your new coloring book of horses, and looking forward to your future novels!
Enjoy your day!