Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Great-Gut Equine Probiotic

Specially formulated to enhance the digestive process.
Made in the USA

Probiotics have recently become a huge focus among savvy consumers. As this new supplement is also now increasing awareness in the equine market, LVPerformance.com is determined to provide its clients with a quality and reliable probiotic.

LVPerformance.com is certain Great-Gut will bring a new standard of equine probiotics to the horse community. Great-Gut is among a very few probiotic supplements on the market today that come in a liquid form and one of the only that does not require refrigeration.

The mission of LVPerfomance.com is to bring your horses the best possible equine supplements on the market today. We continue our commitment to helping horses and furthering not only their ability to perform at the highest levels but also to live a happy, healthy life no matter what discipline they are in.

The organic acids in Great Gut are what really separate it from all other probiotic products on the market. The organic acids are not added to the product but they are a natural by-product created during the fermentation process. Organic acids lower the pH in the GI tract, creating unfavorable conditions for harmful bacteria like salmonella to survive.

This results in reduced uptake of harmful bacteria by the horse and a smaller bacterial load within the GI tract. The reduction in overall bacterial load, in turn, reduces the competition between the host and its gut microflora for nutrients creating an ideal digestive environment.

Q. What is a probiotic? Why are they so important for my horse? How can I be sure I am using the right probiotics? What is so special about equine specific probiotic? 

A. Probiotics are defined as “good” bacteria that nearly any animal with a gastrointestinal tract (GIT) can benefit from. When an animal (or human) digests food the body breaks down the nutrients while at the same time creating bacteria. Some of those bacteria are good (probiotics) while others are bad (pathogens). By taking a supplement that includes multiple probiotic strains we are populating the GIT with good bacteria which are necessary to fight off pathogens like salmonella. We can go into a much more in-depth conversation on the mode of action of probiotics but the bottom line is that probiotics are a necessity for a good, balanced intestinal tract.

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