Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stained Glass by Joanna Kurowska

New Poetry Release
"Excellent and thoughtful book of poetry."

by Joanna Kurowska  

There is a mystery regarding the book's cover... The street behind the glass is in an ancient town in Poland. The cobblestones are still there, so are the trees that once rustled over an old Jewish cemetery... 

Almost forgotten now, the cemetery reappears in Stained Glass, along with the people who once lived, loved, suffered--and laughed.  Recalling the magic of those times, Stained Glass depicts the journey of a person who has left the world of her childhood and youth to try a new life--across the ocean.

About the Author
Joanna Kurowska is the author of six critically acclaimed volumes of poetry, Intricacies (2016), The Butterfly’sChoice (2015); Inclusions (2014); The Wall & Beyond (2013); Obok : Near (1999); and Ściana : The Wall (1997). Forthcoming is her newest poetry collection Stained Glass.  At present an independent scholar and writer widely published in American and international journals, Joanna taught for many years at American universities such as the University of Chicago and Indiana University (Bloomington). She currently lives in Evanston, Illinois.

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