Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Storm to the Past: A Time Travel Western by Dennis Gager

“A trip into the Twilight Zone.”

A Time Travel Western 
by Dennis Gager  

A brand new time-travel western from the King of the Fiction Twist, Dennis Gager.

The exciting story of two men who find themselves transported back to the Old West.

Dennis Gager weaves a new western that pits modern man against the past.

On a weekend trip, two friends get transported to the past. As they struggle to survive in their new surroundings—all matter of untold things happens and it’s up to two modern men to find their way back to their own time frame. Put yourself in the saddle and ride back to a lawless time. Will you survive the Old West? 

Dennis Gager is a Children's author who has decided to branch out, mixing a western theme with a bit of science fiction with a Time Travel Western titled Storm to the Past

Born and raised in Norwich New York, Gager currently works for the Norwich City School District and with his wife operates an Internet Radio Station. 

Gager wrote his first children's book a year ago and it hit the top 100 on the best sellers list. He has also written several other top selling children's books. His most recent book, Storm to the Past is expected to join the ranks of his children's books as a best seller.

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