Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Borrowed Light and Broken String

Borrowed Light and Broken String

Borrowed Light and Broken String is a collection of emotionally driven content with beautiful and thought provoking art; awesome poetry written over the years coupled with amazing art to tell a story of life and love and everything between.

Creator J. Heitter expounds, “I have taken the poems I have written over the years and added high quality visuals to enhance the viewing experience. Each video contains a unique poem that displays many different moods and tones--from sadness, love, happiness to hate, despair, and passion. Each piece of poetry on my channel came from a real spot. I hope you can feel the true emotions of what I was feeling. Borrowed Light and Broken String is here for you."

About the Creator
J. Heitter has written over 60 poems. He is the author of eBooks, an artist, a music composer, video creator, performance poet, and much more. J. writes, “I grew up in the beautiful state of Idaho USA. I have had various jobs that never really excited me. I have always enjoyed spilling ink onto paper. I feel the happiest when I am just in the moment writing or creating something. I also really enjoy playing pool and find it to be fascinating. My goal is to keep making videos and pursue the artistic side of things. If you like my stuff I would be really happy if you subscribe to my channel. I have a lot of new material coming out soon. Also feel free to check out my other videos; I have 7 of them so far. I really appreciate your great feedback. I really hope to connect and inspire a lot of people.”

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