Saturday, February 6, 2016

Horse Training with Bilger by Robert J Bilger Jr.

“Establish the best possible relationship and ride safely!”
Available in Paperback here!

by Robert J Bilger Jr. 

Anyone that has a desire to work "with" a horse can be a Horse Trainer. This technique is the perfect way to start a horse under saddle that has never been ridden! If you have purchased a horse that has already been ridden, this technique will make both of you much safer on your very first ride!

Bilger’s technique will create the perfect relationship and partnership with every horse; regardless of breed, age, size or riding discipline! There is 45+ years of horse training and behavior modification that has gone into the techniques in this book. Every technique has been proven to be successful!

About the Author
Bilger of Stallion Ranch and Round Table Friesians has been working “with” horses for over 45 years and has been training, breeding and raising horses for outdoor and cross country use for over 35 years!

Bilger’s training technique employs his vast knowledge of “what the horse thinks” and “how they will use” both their “raw instinctive” behavior and “learned behavior” when exposed to various situations! His training focuses on various outdoor riding venues for both pleasure and competition. Bilger has raised and started many horses for himself and others, however, his passion is in taking the “problem” horse with a few or many issues and “reaching” the horse’s psychological side; modifying the behavior issues; and ending with a very calm and controllable “partner” for the next rider or trainer !!

For almost 20 years, Bob Bilger worked with nothing but “problem” stallions and was successful in “reaching” every one; modifying its behavior, and enabling the stallion rider to go on and be under complete control!

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“Establish the best possible relationship and ride safely!”
Available in Paperback here!

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