Monday, February 15, 2016

On the Rocks: Spirit Animal Book 1 by Barbara Neville

An Amazon UK Top 100 Bestseller
On the Rocks
Spirit Animal Book 1

Wickedly funny and unabashedly smartass, Annie will rock your world. She has got a mouth on her. If the boys can say it by golly, so can she.

Adventure, romance, and danger. Don’t matter where you come from, by the time you finish this book, yore liable to be talkin' like a cowhand and walkin' bowlegged.

Nostalgic and optimistically prophetic, this new and unique series is strongly recommended for fans of Joss Whedon, Michael Crichton, Larry McMurtry, Robert B. Parker, Dick & Felix Francis, Tony & Anne Hillerman, Louis L’Amour, Elizabeth Peters, and Janet Evanovich. 

Love cowboys? We got 'em with twist! Shots erupt. Annie is stuck in crossfire. Cowpunchin’ turns to adventure. Good lookin’ men come out in force and laughter abounds if only the dry gulchers would stop trying to kill them all. 

Rustic western visionary Barbara Neville is a rancher, homesteader, cowgirl, artist and mother of two kick ass children. She lives at the arse end of nowhere with her horses, cattle, goats, chickens, guineas, peacocks and Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs. She has led an unusual life of adventure, much of it off-grid.

Barb is descended from a long line of adventurous folk; cowboys, ranchers, prospectors, settlers, homesteaders and more. She carries on the long tradition of taking the road less traveled. Her fictional world draws heavily on her own life and the people, places and experiences of previous generations.

A rancher, horse trainer, cowhand, prospector, construction laborer, tree planter and a deckhand on Alaskan fishing boats, Barb has lived at various remote locations around the West. She grew up an Air Force brat, living in such exotic locations as Spain and Hawaii. Thus she learned Spanish and Hawaiian Pidgin.

Barb also made a one-day round trip hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back afoot. Many other horseback, mountain ski touring, snowshoe and hiking backpack trips pepper her history. Also surfing and snorkeling in Hawaii. She milks her goats, makes her own cheese and enjoys pasture raised eggs. Best of all, she rides the world's greatest horses. One of whom made the cover of 'On the Rocks'

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