Wednesday, February 10, 2016

So, You Want to Buy a Horse? by Terrie Douglas

A Practical Guide to Purchasing a First Horse 
Available in eBook here!

A Practical Guide to Purchasing a First Horse 
by Terrie Douglas  

So, You Want To Buy A Horse? is a practical guide to finding and purchasing a first horse. This book discusses the pros and cons, various things to consider and things to steer clear of when thinking about purchase of a first horse in an easy to read manner. The book also includes checklists for figuring initial expenses and listing for items that would be required. 

Finally, an honest discussion and logical approach to purchasing a first horse!

Terrie Douglas began her horse life as a horse crazy little girl. She was around and rode horses throughout most of her life, but it wasn't until she was a young adult that she began to fully appreciate what having horses within one's life was really all about. Children and career had her in and out of her horse life, until she finally decided she just could not live without a horse in her life ever again. Terrie began teaching others how to ride and be safer around horses as people began to ask her to help them learn and ride better.

Terrie's discipline of choice is classical dressage, a study which she began later in life, around the turn of the century. In the grand scheme of things she is new to the world of dressage, but she brings a lifetime of experience with horses. Prior to her new found love of dressage, she rode hunter/jumpers and did a lot of pleasure riding. Terrie herself studies classical principles under a master of classical teaching. In the classical approach to working with a horse it is all about the horse. Terrie's philosophy is that the horse must be helped to be able to give what is asked, allowing the horse be themselves while helping them be better physically, mentally, spiritually.

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