Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Horse Crazy! by Bob Goddard

"The funniest book about horses and their people. Ever. Fact."
Horse Crazy!

The passion for horses serves as the backdrop for Bob Goddard’s hilarious parody of horse care guides. Horse Crazy is written from the perspective of a bewildered father of two horse-addicted girls. The book offers tongue-in-cheek advice to parents on classic topics such as buying a new horse, daily care, riding, operating a truck and trailer, and escaping to Mexico.

Horse Crazy also provides a lighthearted, sometimes irreverent treatment of the psycho-social nature of horses and those who love them. The book is rounded out by a less than serious look at horse shows and an open letter from Bob Goddard to the equine species.

Chapters include:

“The Horsepeople Culture”
“The Nature of the Species: Big, Fast, Beautiful, and No Longer on the Menu”
“The Drudgery of Daily Care”
“Riding: Keeping the Horse between Her and the Ground”
“Horse Sex”
“Housing the Horse: Barns, Loans and Holes”
“The Sick Truth of Horse Health”
“The Truck and the Trailer: The Budget Busters”
“Horse Shows: An American Family Surrenders to the Absurd”

Horse lovers will have no difficulty relating to the content and tone of Horse Crazy
. The humor is drawn directly from Goddard’s experience with this passionate and lively group of people. It is the kind of book a horseperson would buy as a gift for a non-riding friend or family member. 

Writer, blogger, father of two horse-crazed daughters. At age 55, Bob Goddard became a born again equestrian, taking lessons and praying that he survives long enough to get home and blog about it. He has written over 125 humor articles for dozens of regional and national horse publications. Bob is currently the humor columnist for The Trail Rider Magazine and Phelps Equestrian Sports.

Bob and his wife, Jenny, live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They enjoy biking - especially rails to trails, hiking, snowshoeing and camping. And animals. And being grandparents.
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