Saturday, January 23, 2016

You Decide by Gabriel K.

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We all meet difficulties in our life. Are we ready to face them? The author combines science, humor and his own experience to help the readers achieve a happy life. By using the methods described in the book, one can be really happy, healthy and relaxed. This self-help book contains credible and practical information, understandable to all, and deals with topics such as disease, old age, pain, and many more.

"My book, my own trustworthy story about the healing of my disease will help you recover, so that instead of living on the side lines, you can become the hero of your life! I created my own method by combining scientifically proven solutions with my own experiences. The effectiveness of this method has already been proven in the circle of my acquaintances and by fellow sufferers who had the same disease I had. Take control of your life!"

About the author
My name is Gabriel Konrad. I’m a 39-year-old entrepreneur. My family has been engaged in agriculture for 40 years, so there was no question that when I grew up I’d take on this tradition. Sixteen years ago I took over the farm for my parents. Now I have 15,000 laying hens, and so a good quality backyard egg supply. I have a beautiful and smart 14-year-old daughter I live in a nice family home.

Free time
Apart from being with my close and beloved friends, I love spending my free time with my animals. I have seven dogs, four Chihuahuas, two Hungarian Pointing dogs and a Pekingese. Furthermore I have five horses on my own little animal farm, so I go horse riding on a regular basis. In my opinion this is the real way to relax.

Another special hobby of mine is using my metal detector. I love going around looking for old treasures deep under the ground. I can spend many hours doing only this. It is so relaxing that I can totally forget about the world that surrounds me during the week.

In our urbanized world we just don’t use our body power any more. We travel by car, usually sit in front of a computer in our office for more than 8-10 hours a day, and then at home we are so exhausted from everyday problems that we just fall into our bed and stare at the TV. This couch-potato, lazy, motionless lifestyle causes most modern-day diseases – this is commonly known. If you are suffering from any kind of mental or psychological problems, you just simply cannot disregard your body and be lazy on the weekdays. Exercising has a stress-lowering affect apart from the fact that it is refreshing and healthy as well.

Body-exercising plays an important role in my life; I exercise on a regular basis, three times a week, mostly doing TRX training (a type of training developed by the US army) and weight lifting. There is only one thing that can stop me from exercising: if I have a fever. Otherwise I keep doing it every week.

Available in eBook here!

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