Saturday, January 2, 2016

10 Easy Ways to Start Saving Money in 2016 by Carlos Chavez

Begin the New Year with financial wisdom…
Be mindful with your money!
Available in eBook here!

By Carlos Chavez

This is a great self-help book written with the purpose of providing you with simple ways to start saving money in your current situation, especially for the upcoming year. I personally applied the steps in this book and helped me save a lot of money over the past two years. With this, I decided to write this book and share with everyone the simple ways we all have available, and that sometimes because our busy lives, do not allow us to slow down to create consciousness about how we actually spend money.

Although money is not everything in life, it helps having a little extra money saved and available when we need it, especially for the rainy days! It is also important to be mindful about spending money, since for many people, it isn’t that simple to earn it. Pay attention to the way you spend your money, believe me, it only takes a blink of an eye before your money is gone.

Carlos Chavez is a college teacher who enjoys sharing his passion and dedication to students and public in general. He enjoys making a change by giving back his knowledge and expertise, and combination of more than 25 years as a professional. His is knowledgeable in various business fields and in the dental profession as well. His main motivation is helping those students in search of a better life through education. But also he enjoys helping anyone in need of support and guidance. When he is not frightening learners with his professional or dental expertise, he is most likely frightening his young son and his pack of playful dogs.

Carlos Chavez is a graduate of California State University, East Bay and a teacher at a community College and private vocational institutions. A passionate educator, he believes strongly in the importance of instilling quality education to adults with or without educational goals.

Be mindful with your money!
Available in eBook here!

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