Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Invest Into Wine by AJ James Pala

Get the free guide on how to build up your wine portfolio!

Don't know what to do or where to start in investing into wine? The "How to Invest Into Wine" e-book is your guide to learning how to invest, which includes 7 steps into how to build your wine portfolio.

“Wine is a transferable asset. Fine wine has benefited from a dramatic increase in popularity and there is an established and thriving fine wine auction market.”

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“I have always had a vision to set up a successful global corporation using my own investment and slowly Sure Holdings materialized into the Company we are today. Another motivating factor for setting up this Club was my involvement with the stock market and being a broker for many years I see an industry that endows a high percentage of commission desiring salesmen who do not really look after their clients. As I was also investing myself into the stock market I found that the stresses of these investments and the risk to reward was far greater than the property purchases I was making. It was evident that the returns in my property portfolio were actual returns that happened time and time again. By this I mean that when I saw a property and I calculated the returns by doing my own quantitative research those returns very often transpired more than not. When I did not get the expected returns I still did not lose and this was the key to long term stability and control over return on investment. Best of all the growth was stress free and without constant fluctuation.” Read more here…

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Get the free guide on how to build up your wine portfolio!

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