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ADEQUINE Herbal Supplements

“Providing the highest quality herbal and whole food supplements
to meet your horses every need.”

At Adequine we strive for premium quality, human grade ingredients in all of our blends. Providing the highest quality herbal and whole food supplements to meet your horses every need.

Developed after seeing an obvious hole in the market for plant based nutritional supplements for horses, we have grown through friends sharing the great results they had with their own horses and our products. 

Please be informed and responsible when administering any product to your horse. First have a qualified vet or other qualified healthcare provider diagnoses the condition you are treating.

Every plant contains hundreds of highly concentrated biological components in their natural form, which when ingested either orally, through skin or through breath, promote and maintain physiological balance and health.

Adequine 'Calm'
Natural plant medicine is completely different from synthetic medicine by its very design - to enhance well-being with herbs; you want the whole herb, not just one nutrient. The whole plant has all the therapeutic properties working in synergy with itself. For starters, nature has depicted that the therapeutic value is in the correct biological concentration, its very own biological intelligence if you like, with each nutrient having its own unique role to play while working in perfect balance and synergy with all the other components.

No laboratory can replicate this complexity. Isolating just the active components can make them less effective because they may be missing the essential co-factors and buffers. The whole plant addresses the whole issue for a curative healing. I'll even stick my neck out here and say that most common equine conditions such as respiratory, digestion, skin health and immunity, are all easily supported with herbal regimes.
Whole Food Supplements
Whole food supplements are what their name suggests: Supplements made from concentrated whole foods. The vitamins found within these supplements are not isolated. They are highly complex structures that combine a variety of enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, activators and many other unknown or undiscovered factors all working together synergistically, to enable this vitamin complex to do its job in your body. Nutrients from within this complex cannot be taken apart or isolated from the whole, and then be expected to do the same job in the body as the whole complex is designed to do. They cannot do the job of the entire complex by themselves. With similar logic in place, one can analyze what a typical multivitamin truly is. The automobile equivalent of creating a multivitamin would be going to a junk yard, finding all of the separate parts you would need to make up an entire automobile, throwing them together in a heap (or capsule in terms of the multivitamin) and expecting that heap to drive like a car!

Synthetic or Isolated Nutritional Supplements
Isolated nutrients or synthetic nutrients are not natural, in that they are never found by themselves in nature. Taking these isolated nutrients, especially at the ultra-high doses found in formulas today, is more like taking a drug. Studies show the body treats these isolated and synthetic nutrients like xenobiotics (foreign substances). By the same token, food-based supplements are never treated like this by your body. For example, your urine will never turn florescent yellow, no matter how much meat (a good source of B vitamins) you eat. This sort of rapid excretion happens only with foreign substances in your body. Not only are isolated nutrients treated like drugs or other chemicals by your body. Like drugs, they can create problems for you too. Nature does not produce any nutrient in an isolated form. The nutrients in foods are blended together in a specific way and work best in that format. For an isolated nutrient to work properly in the body, it needs all the other parts that are naturally present in the food too.

Synergy and Potency
The various parts of a natural vitamin complex work together in a synergistic manner. Synergy means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Nutritionist Judith DeCava puts it best: "Separating the group of compounds (in a vitamin complex) converts it from a physiological, biochemical, active micro-nutrient into a disabled, debilitated chemical of little or no value to living cells. The synergy is gone." In other words, the automobile, in its original form, will drive better than a pile of its individual parts. Most people don't follow this logic when examining a nutritional supplement. As you now know, it is not necessarily the amount of a nutrient you ingest that is important, but its form and how much is bio-available that counts the most. In fact, remembering that ingesting single nutrients can actually create imbalances in the body, logic would dictate the higher the level of a single nutrient that you take in, the quicker this imbalance will occur. What all of this means: The potency of a supplement has much more to do with synergy than with actual nutrient levels. It is a combined effect of all the parts of the food, rather than the chemical effect of a single part, that is most important. This being said, isolated nutrients are sometime used in extreme cases as a therapeutic extremely high dose.

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“Providing the highest quality herbal and whole food supplements
to meet your horses every need.”

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