Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Turn Your Photography/Art into Income Online by Stephanie Laird

Make money with your existing art!

This book focuses on ways to make income with your photography/art online. It goes into Zazzle, Fine Art America and other sites. This is not a technical how to book (the sites have all that info for you there) but more of what has worked to generate sales for my photo-art. I am also very excited to include interviews with 3 other photographers that have met with success selling on these P.O.D. (print on demand) sites. This book is designed to give you examples of best sellers, a few do's and don'ts, and will hopefully give you ideas of what may work for you and your photography/art on these sites! 

Although this is based on photography, art works just as well on these sites. As with all my books, they are short and to the point (hence the $1.99 price) as I believe all of our time is valuable. I try not to add information that is readily out there. Whether a professional or hobbyist, I think you will find value in this book. I am an award winning photographer. I can tell you I have literally made thousands of dollars on Print on Demand sites and my sales continue to grow every year. There is no cost (or very little) to submit or post on all these sites. Most of all, it's fun to have your work out there and being not only admired, but purchased as well! Thank you for your interest!

Hello! My name is Stephanie Laird. I love photography, it's my life! Thing is I am not a "great photographer". I would enter competitions and usually not do very well. My images were, well, boring. That was until I found Adobe Photoshop Elements. That opened an amazing new creative world for me.

My images have been used by major greeting card companies such as Leanin' Tree and ASAP graphics. They have been sold under fine art licenses and have been used as book covers, CD covers and Magazine covers. I have been published as contributing photographer to the Haven Magazine, a showcase of beautifully styled homes, The Parade Magazine, Photographer's Edge, Animal Talk magazine and lots others, too numerous to list here.

My shows (all one person) include, Stacked Stone Cellars, The Porch, Silver Stone Vineyards and Sylvester Vineyards. Cooperative shows including Cafe Vio Art Gallery and The Celebration of Life, a national tour.

Competitions (one of my favorite things to do now) are way too many to list but include First Place in Betterphoto's international competition with over 30 thousand entries, Best of Show at the California Mid-State Fair for 2009 & 2010, 2013,1st for Professional Artistic in the Equine Photographer's Network's annual photography contest and a whole lot more.

But I love to share what I have learned with others, and I encourage you to just start using Photoshop Elements. It's fun and you will surprise yourself with "the creative genius" that you are!

Since I started selling my ebooks, I have received so many beautiful pictures from people who have learned these techniques. It has been a real joy to introduce them to Fantasy Fusion Photography and to see where their own special creativity takes them

Make money with your existing art!

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