Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Seabiscuit by Clyde Hock

My goal in life was never to be famous or wealthy. I have achieved both goals. My goal is to do whatever I can to make people’s livers a little better. My goal is to help people understand they should never quit. My goal in life is to inspire people.


One Bible verse that sticks with me is the only thing you can take to the afterlife is knowledge and love. You can’t eat fame or wealth. Science tells us that wealthy and famous people are less happy than we are. As I have said before most of our needs are met. We have food, clothing, and shelter. Our wants will never be met. We want everything. When we have it, it is not that important in a short time.


I watched the movie Seabiscuit. I felt inspired from the movie, which was based on a true story. In the movie the owner purchases a horse that was given up on by other owners. He was small for a racehorse. He was used to train other horses. He was trained by a man whose life revolved around horses who felt every horse can be useful. The trainer was looked down upon by most people. The jockey was passed up by almost every owner. All of these people felt it was best to give someone another chance. Each of these people and the horse had heart. With a whole lot of faith and inspiration from each other, Seabiscuit became one of the most famous racehorses ever.


Our lesion from this movie is if we have faith in each other and care and never give up we can accomplish things we never thought of accomplishing. With inspiration and heart, we can accomplish more than we ever dreamed of. I write to inspire, motivate, educate, and preserve history. I do what I can to help my fellow humans, especially veterans. The more you give the more you get back. I believe God has a reason for each and every one of us. I believe His purpose for us is to live our lives as best we can an get as much pleasure as possible doing it.


Wouldn’t it be great if we spent as much time helping each other as we do condemning one another?

Many of us were brought up with the mindset that life is hard. Is it? Or do we just make it so? The only thing holding us back from our accomplishments is ourselves.


In Marine Corps boot camp, we were told by the drill instructors, “There is no such thing as can’t.” We were forbidden to use that word. The drill instructors made us do things we didn’t think we could do. Being a winner or loser is pretty much in our own minds. Each of us has a different definition of a winner and a loser. We all have more potential than we realize. You are made a wonderful human being, make the best of yourself and your life. You don’t have to be rich or famous to be a great human being.

About the Author

From Pennsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, welcome today's guest writer Sergeant Clyde HochClyde is an award-winning author, Vietnam War Veteran, public speaker, and much more. In his books, Clyde shares his experiences of wartime, life, and beyond.  

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