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Sergeant Clyde Hoch, Author

From Pennsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Sergeant Clyde Hoch is an acclaimed author, recently winning the coveted Readers Favorite Bronze Medal for his book A Man Down I have several of Clyde's books in my library; recommended reading!

A consultant for screenplay writers, and much more, Clyde is a Vietnam War Veteran, public speaker, and mentor. In his books, Clyde shares his wartime experiences and the challenges of being a war veteran.

Welcome Clyde!

When did you realize that you wanted to become a writer?
The last thing I ever expected to do in my life was to write a book. I was a poor student in school. I was bored to death most of the time. I wrote my first book at the end of 2010. I was in my 60's. For my first book I was chosen as one of the fifty great writes you should be reading by the Author Show.

Your stories are heartfelt, sad, and, as an American, convicting. What has been the most profound event in your writing career?
The most profound event in my life was my military experience, especially Vietnam. Coming home from Vietnam was the worst time in my life.

What person has had the most influence on your writing career?
I had an elderly neighbor who was in his 90's. I had a lot of respect for him. His name was Leroy Heffentrager. One day I was mowing my lawn. He came by and we sat and talked for a while. When he left I thought what a great story he just told me. It is a shame that when he is gone his story is gone. I thought well everyone has a story. I thought I would put my military experience down on the computer in chapter form as they came to me. I felt I would send a chapter to a military magazine once in a while to see if they would publish them. I sent my chapters to five people I served with in Vietnam to make sure I had my story right. I was a long time ago. I sent the chapter to a daughter to proof read. She said you have to make this into a book.

Where do you like to write?
I do a lot of traveling. As I am driving I think about what I want to write and when I sit at the computer it just flows. I keep most of the book in my head until I get to the computer.

Who is your favorite author?
I don't have a favorite author. I have a hard time reading a book unless it really interests me. I hate books that are drawn out and the author take five pages to make one point. The last book I read was Spirit Driven Evangelism by Robert Myers.

What are you currently writing?
I am working on my 7th book. It is about a young Chinese girl who escapes China with her family after the revolution. They move to Vietnam only to get caught up in the Vietnam War. She started working at the age of 8. Her mother beat her constantly.

List a few things that your fans may not know about you...
My books are all nonfiction except one. It is a fiction made up of 8 chapters. Each chapter is a different story in a different time and place.

All my profits from my books are donated to veteran’s organizations, schools and libraries.

I do lots of talks, lectures and guest speaking. I try to enlighten people as to what the Vietnam War was really about.

I work as a volunteer at a local Vet for Vet Center where I am a board member.

I volunteer at the Lehigh County district Attorneys Veterans Mentoring program. I mentor veterans who get into trouble with the law. I work with them until they are over their problem and back on their feet.

I spend most of my free time working to help veterans. I know what it is like to come home from war.

The reason I write the stories I do is some people did some amazing things. Their stories should be preserved for future generations. You would look at this old person and never know what they have done. Future wars will be fought by computer operators working out of the U. S. First hand combat information needs to be preserved for people who want to know what it was like to fight in a war.

Connect with Clyde…

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Books by Clyde Hoch:

Tracks Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran This is Clyde’s military experience as a tank commander in Vietnam.

A Tribute to Tankers has a short description on a type of tank and follows with stories of people who served in that type of tank in combat, starting with WWI and ends with Iraq.

B. A. R. Man Browning Automatic Rifle Man is the story of a young man who does some amazing things in the Korean War until he is wounded and captured by the Chinese. He is forced to march 200 miles with no medical attention. He is held as a POW for two and a half years.

A Man Down is the story of four young men who gave their lives for their country. This book won a bronze medal from Readers Favorite.

Albion is Clyde’s first work of fiction. It has eight chapters. Each chapter is a different story and different period in time.

God Help Me! Cause No One Else Will is Clyde’s sixth book. It is about post-traumatic stress disorder and veteran's suicides and how to prevent them. 

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