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Va. West Va.: Selected Poems by T. Byron Kelly

Selected Poems
Virginia, West Virginia USA

Va. West Va.: Selected Poems 
by T. Byron Kelly  (Author), Amy Kelly Ostrander (Author), Maude Rose Kelly (Author), D.G. Kelly (Author), Alina Malise Kelly (Author), & 1 more

I find connectedness through various forms (poetry, painting, music) by insisting on spontaneity. An image that I paint could very well become a chorus in a song. Paying close attention to my dreams and the soft voices inside my imagination, and allowing these to shape within my being's center (an emanation of my heart), this is the affirmation of the symbolic through faith. An invisible loving which manifests itself through patience and is never controlled- the hidden becoming known. My work will always seek an affirmation or communion while creating a liberation of the ordinary. A visionary poetic journey of over 100 years, Va. West Va. Poems is a celebration of "heartsongs" that will inspire.

My Review
"Va. West Va.: Selected Poems" is a collection of poetry that took me on a journey through the mountains, past the clock, and into the soul. T. Byron Kelly writes of nature, elements, and emotion that swirl together to create beautiful poetry. The volume includes love poems by Amy Kelly, the faithful and thoughtful poetry of Pastor Walter C. Harris, and many more talents. The Blue Ridge Mountains are personified in this grand collection of heartwarming poetry. Every season is accounted for - and even those seasons in-between. Recommended reading.

Poet, Painter and Musician T. Byron Kelly has been working as an active performance artist in the South Western Virginia area (Appalachia) for over two decades and has generations of family from West Virginia, Kentucky and Virginia. Live, spontaneous lyric poetry performances and gallery exhibits have been at the heart of the Poet's work. As an Undergraduate and Graduate student, Byron studied with poets Nikki Giovanni, Lucinda Roy, Grace Bauer and Anne Bromley, as well as novelist Don Secreast and painter Janet Niewald. Byron received private art instruction during that time and was also a member of Tri-M (Modern Music Masters honor society). Byron studied the relationships between poetry, painting and music and soon began to illustrate his own poems with paintings and put them to music as well. Byron has also taught creative writing and composition on the college level (currently at Pilot Mountain School and Solitude of Virginia Tech) and is a member of the Ghost House Studio-Appalachia, Spectral Arts, The Spooks-VA., WVArts, the Appalachian Writers Association (A.W.A.), the Appalachian Authors' Guild (A.A.G.), West Virginia Writers, the Virginia Writers Club, the XYZ Gallery (Blacksburg, VA.), Glencoe Museum (Radford, VA.) and the Montgomery Museum and Lewis Miller Regional Art Center (Christiansburg, VA). 

T. Byron writes… I paint poems and found a kind of home there. My paintings have always been rather cartoon like and fantastically oriented, a rendering of a dream if you will - I always thought (about realist art) that if you wanted a photograph then why not take a snapshot with a camera?

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