Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Little Old Dog Sanctuary: Happily Ever After by Hope Morgan & Erik Jauch

“Made me laugh and cry!”

“Dog lovers, this is a great book and one you will enjoy.”
– Mile High Dog Magazine

Little Old Dog Sanctuary - Happily Ever After
by Hope Morgan  (Author), Erik Jauch (Author)

Once an animal comes through the front door of Little Old Dog Sanctuary, they enter a Utopian, free-range Rocky Mountain Shangri-La where napping is a competitive sport, potty training is optional and the record for guarding a Milk-Bone by carrying it your mouth everywhere you go stands at 13 hours. Along with the opportunity to continue living, the dogs also get dignity, respect, blankets, beds, toys, medicine, friends, amazing food and copious amounts of unconditional love. And of course they get treats. Lots and lots of treats.

The book also reveals that the one true secret to happiness is having a grumpy, old Chihuahua. Whoops. Is it too late to say “Spoiler Alert?”

Funny, touching and inspirational, the stories about the Sanctuary are both guilt and fat free. Indulge yourself!

About the Author
Hope Morgan has been rescuing and caring for old, sick dogs for most of her life. In addition to sharing her wisdom about "everything dog," Hope's art has appeared in numerous galleries and magazines.

Hope and Erik met in High School and then went their separate ways. 20 years later, they re-connected, got married, and dedicated their lives to saving and caring for disenfranchised, neglected, rejected and discarded dogs together.

Our Mission
We rescue little old dogs from shelters and bring them to our Sanctuary where they live out the remainder of their lives (whether it be days, weeks, months or years) in a super-awesome dog Utopia. Think Fantasy Island meets Green Acres.