Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sting in the Tail: Book One The Rocket Series by Chris Dyer

From Monday Creek Publishing

Sting in the Tail:
Book One The Rocket Series 
by Chris Dyer 

Mike Willett is a small time racehorse trainer on the verge of bankruptcy when wealthy local businessman John Cullen comes along and rescues him by purchasing an intractable but beautiful horse named Rocket. As the two forge a firm friendship Mike starts to think that life just can’t get better. John Cullen builds an empire in horses with Mike sailing closely by his side, Mike finds his financial position the envy of many. Mike’s temper overtakes him as the pressure weighs down on him. Just when you think everything is perfect something always comes along and stings you in the tail.

“With his debut novel, Sting in the Tail, author Chris Dyer has woven a colorful racing mystery complete with a cast of engaging characters, interesting plot twists, and an unexpected ending.  Capturing in print a fascinating behind the scenes view of training and racing Thoroughbreds, the story is told in an authentic voice sometimes hard to find in books set in the world of horses. Dyer has given readers a main character, Mike Willett, whose complexities are matched stride for stride with the complicated emotional life of his most talented racing prospect, Rocket. As Mike’s financial success suddenly spirals upward, his struggle to understand himself, his best horse, and his female partner provide a most entertaining read.”
Caryn Sappelli, owner of RacingandRding.com, Lexington, Kentucky

About the Author
Chris Dyer has spent most of his life around horses. Described by one of his friends as “the man that doesn’t fit in” he is never afraid to voice an opinion regardless of the consequences. Disparaging of bureaucracy and unpredictable – the probable cause of “not fitting in!” He has without credit worked on many horses from unknown ponies to well-known racehorses without bothering to attention seek. He has trained Arabian racehorses and pre-trained thoroughbreds. His knowledge and occasionally his opinions are evident as he weaves his tale around the books characters. A man of extremes Chris is either irritatingly happy or manically depressed (though more often than not the former). To describe Chris is almost impossible - he is a bit like pulling a Christmas Cracker… you never quite know what you will find on the inside! A close friend. For more information about Chris and a list of his other books, visit www.chrisdyerauthor.com

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