Monday, January 30, 2017

Heart of the Visionary Anarchist (Poetry) by Kai Kazi

“…incredibly beautiful poems…”

Heart of the Visionary Anarchist
(Human Tragedy Book 1) Kindle Edition
by KaiKazi  

The book is literary fiction work that is meant to show the reader of the horrible slave like conditions that South Asians face when they are building glass towers in Dubai. This book contains several poems by award winning Canadian Poet Ashley Newton.

Heart of the Visionary Anarchist is the first book in the Human Tragedy Series, which is a series of ten standalone tragedies each focusing on a unique Human Tragedy by Canadian author, musician, and filmmaker; Kai Kazi.

In Heart of the Visionary Anarchist; Mahdi Parveen is young Bangladeshi migrant laborer building condos in Dubai whose is life surrounded by poverty and separation from his family where he spends long days in brutal conditions. To change the living condition of his fellow migrant workers who work in Dubai in slave like conditions, Mahdi starts composing poetry enters an international poetry completion; Visionary Poet. As the competition continues Mahdi's poem and message creates a revolution of migrant workers who demand justice and basic human rights.

Hello Fellow Booklovers, Im Kai Kazi. I won't get into a lengthy bio here but will say that when it comes to stories, I have always loved stories that explore DARK themes, worlds and characters however I felt that most books I read were too light. This led me to start drafting stories that explores the darkest corridors of the human mind and soul, with the overarching goal to disturb, terrify but also entertain adult readers. I worked on several books with my good friends; whom happen to be the most incredibly gifted writers. Together we have come with some incredibly dark stories which I dare you to discover.

Lastly, I do want to mention that I am just a novice author as such still developing and growing as a writer and storyteller, the best way for me to develop, grow and improve is to hear feedback on my stories so it would mean the world if you can spare some of your precious time to explore some of me works, and let me know what you think!
Happy reading,
Kai Kazi

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