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Purchasing a Thoroughbred Racehorse:

Purchasing a Thoroughbred Racehorse
 Riding & Writing Gina McKnight

Recently, I had the inclination to invest in a Thoroughbred racehorse. Considering conformation, pedigree, size, and temperament, I decided to purchase a mare to race at my local track. After looking at many horses from around the nation, and talking with breeders, track officials, veterinarians, and horse experts, I settled on a fine mare from

When looking to purchase a Thoroughbred, especially over the internet, you need to remember that conformation and pedigree are very important. Size may or not matter in determining a winning racehorse (Seabiscuit and War Admiral were about 15 hands tall, two of the smallest of the famous racing giants). Temperament and vices can be managed with training - most of the time, with the right trainer.

The overall balance of muscle, bone, and mass of a horse determines their conformation. Is the horse athletic? Does the horse have wobbly knees? Does the horse run with grace and power? The formation of the knees, hocks, head, neck, eyes, torso, etc., all complete a horse’s conformation. provides a detailed list of conformation attributes.

Emotional conformation horse profiling is important as well. has an expert standing by who can determine if your potential winner has what it takes to become the racehorse of your dreams.  

A horse’s lineage is a fascinating journey through racing history. Whether the offspring of a winning horse on a small track, winning small purses, or the offspring of a famous racehorse, like Secretariat, you will want to research your horse’s pedigree. The horse that I like on, Serena’s Gold, has a quality pedigree for the type of racing that I am interested in. The breeder of Serena's Gold will share a detailed history of the her lineage, and other important factors about her racing career.

Serena’s Gold is 16 hands tall, an average size for a racehorse. Statistically, and proven through horseracing history, size may not be an indication of a winning racehorse. Seabiscuit and War Admiral were small compared to their larger stablemates; sometimes the size of the heart and willingness to serve is greater than stature.

A horse with a sweet temperament is always the best, but some horses have a wild disposition. A breeder can review any vices that you may be concerned about. An expert can help you determine if a vice will have implications later in life. Some vices, like cribbing, can be easily treated. With the help of the right trainer, a horse can relearn bad habits and vices. Depending upon your requirements - a docile horse that transitions easily to your stable, or a more challenging temperament - you will find a variety of horses at

Find your winning racehorse
Like people, horses come in all different sizes, shapes, and temperaments. You must choose wisely in bringing the right horse to your stable. offers Blookstock Services to help match you with the right horse. They provide the following expert services…
  • Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding
  • Public Auction Representation
  • Private Sales Negotiation
  • Horse Appraisals
  • Bloodline Research and Stallion Seasons
  • Horse Care, Breaking, and Training

Choosing a horse from allows you to talk with the seller and negotiate directly via their website. Investing in a racehorse takes time and effort. makes it so easy! They are the #1 Thoroughbred online horse marketplace. See you at the racetrack!

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