Sunday, August 23, 2015

Equus Education Blog Hop: Writer

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Equus Education Blog Hop: Writer

Good morning! Sunday greetings…
Riding & Writing is taking part in an international blog hop hosted by Equus Education! Thanks Christine for the awesome opportunity!

What is your horse related career?
My horse related career is first connecting with wonderful equine-minded individuals who exemplify horsemanship; people who expound on the role between horse and rider. Then, I have the great opportunity to write about their horse career, or interview them about their life with horses. Authors, businessmen/women, trainers, riders, artists, poets, and much more. A favorite is my iVIEW column at trueCOWBOYmagazine.

Where in the world can we find you?
You can find me in the beautiful hills and valleys of Ohio, USA.

Is your horse career able to be carried out in part online?
The internet has made the world smaller. Because of the great opportunities through online media, I can carry out my horse career online! Blogging, equine freelance writing, interviewing horsemen/horsewomen, etc., all works well while writing in my office located in my barn; horses on the right, office on the left.

Do you need a qualification to do your job?
Besides a Bachelor’s degree in Literature, and a minor in Business Administration, being a horse fanatic helps. It isn’t a job, really, it’s a way of life. Who can live without the aroma, feel, and aesthetics of horses? My horses will tell you, the only qualification is to love horses.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is connecting with like-minded horse people; learning about new breeds, new books, new training techniques and products. You can learn a lot from other people if you open your heart and mind. I enjoy bringing my readers innovative and quality reading material.

What careers have you taken part of so far?
My writing career includes many equine freelance magazines (and others), releasing a collection of poetry earlier this year; To the Heart, blogging, editing, ghost-writing, guest writer, promotions, and much more. I am a children’s literature author, with my first release The Blackberry Patch in 2009. I’ve a new children’s literature release coming later this year Trail Ride to Snake Hollow (about horses!). Connect with me if you would like to interview about your horse career! Visit my blog Riding & Writing, website, and author’s page, to find out more.

Thanks, Christine @ Equus Education ! Blessings...



Sarah Winston said...

You have amazing horse and amazing backyard. How I wish to have it when get retired. Simple dreams for having a horses one day. Ever since I was little my interest on horse started.

Horse Back Riding for Girls

Gina said...

Thanks Sarah!
Love you blog! Thanks for connecting!
Blessings, Gina

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