Saturday, August 1, 2015

Poems of the Sublime & Ridiculous by Lois Kempton

By Lois Kempton

Kempton’s book is somewhat unique because of the correlated drawings, which incorporates the friendship of various people; and because of the songs that are included. As noted, full piano sheet music is available for those who want to get it. Special thanks to Anthony Fisher, who really deserves a lot of credit for help in arranging the drawings and music on the computer.   

When asked if poetry has an impact on our society and culture, Louis responds, “Yes. Real poetry does. Not free verse. Write real poetry only; poetry with rhyme and rhythm. Free verse is soon forgotten. Nobody memorizes it.”

About Lois…
She likes sassafras tea.
Her birthday, July 22, 1930, was the hottest day in Ohio up to that time.
Lois’ father was a twin, but he never knew it; a family mystery.
She was saved August 14, 1942, at Camp Sycther, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
She doesn’t like dill pickles.
She is the next oldest surviving first cousin in her family.
Louis is a descendant of Lady Godiva.
She once traveled almost 800 miles to vote in a Presidential election.

Lois Kempton has been a public and Christian School teacher and principal; missionary (Brazil); pastor’s wife; mother of four, including a daughter who became brain-damaged as the result of an automobile accident. Kempton has done sporadic free-lance writing at sundry times. Hobbies: Song writing; Dulcimers; Music in various forms; Writing; Historic Re-enacting; Gardening, Sewing, Friendships. Lois resides in Ohio, USA.

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