Monday, August 31, 2015

Feng Shui Jewelry

Tibetan Thangka Jewelry 
Free Shipping in Continental U.S.

Unique Feng Shui Inspirational Jewelry has energy in every piece. To live the life you've always dreamed of, wear elegant Feng Shui art. Infused with good vibes, positive energy, beautiful Feng Shui jewelry could build better relationships. You could boost your attitude, your well-being, your luck, your wealth and success!

Tibetan Thangka Jewelry 
Free Shipping in Continental U.S.

Feng Shui works by combining beautiful art with quality materials, though most importantly of all, individual intention. In doing so, Feng Shui helps energetically harmonize homes, workplaces and even our lives.

But Feng Shui isn't just the art of directing greater quantities of essential life energy into and around homes and workplaces. In fact, what a lot of people often forget, is that our own bodies are temples and that as such they can easily be turned into our own personal Feng Shui power houses.

Is a Feng Shui necklace, lucky charm or talisman a religious or magic artifact?  No. Explosion Luck Feng Shui pendants and Tibetan Thangka necklaces represent you consciously inviting better luck and prosperity into your life.

In much the same way that cosmic ordering empowers people to succeed and reach their goals and professional and personal ambitions every day, Explosion Luck Feng Shui pendants and Thangka necklaces, are beautiful and bold personal statements about the kind of positive energy you want around you at any one moment.  Merely touching these wearable works of art can bring you a feeling of peace and prosperity throughout the day.

Helping you achieve a better mindset and outlook on life, Explosion Luck Feng Shui necklaces and pendants help alleviate stress, promote your body's own powerful healing and regenerative abilities, and help focus your mind and innate spiritual energy on reaching your professional and spiritual aspirations in life.

Gorgeous Tibetan pendant necklaces. Find crystal water drop-shaped pendants, and more.  Wear them close to your heart; use them as inspirational meditation art.

To amplify the positive Feng Shui energy of this wearable art jewelry, add the Tibetan thangka tapestry White Tara to your office or home wall decor, and get inspired to do more and to be more.

Bring ambiance, peace, and beauty into your space
with beautiful jewelry, artwork and more… 

Choose your favorite…
Tibetan Thangka Jewelry 
Free Shipping in Continental U.S.

Like many of Explosion Luck customers, you will fall in love with gorgeous wall art canvas paintings and photos: peaceful mountain scenes, rugged western settings, tranquil streams, cheerful birds, lush landscapes, adorable animals and stunning collectible animal figurines - nurture your mind, spirit and soul. 

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