Sunday, August 30, 2015

Feon Davis, Poetess

Welcome poetess Feon Davis...

“I began writing poems at the age of 9. Mainly my love is Christian based poetry, about the many blessings God has given us. However, I also have written and published a few love poems as well. Now at the age of 43, I have migrated to the eBook market.  My two new book releases Footsteps of Grace and Footsteps of Faith are available in paperback and eBook. Both are collections of Christian poetry. I created the cover art, layout, and design for my new books.”   

What drives your creativity?
My firm, loving grace of God, and His son Jesus, from the very beginning of my life, which has been instilled into my heart, mind and soul. Also, I read scripture and Psalms.

Does the aesthetics where you live inspire your writing?
No, not for me. Wherever I live or go traveling it remains the same with my spirit, heart and mind.

Do you believe poetry has an impact on world events?
Yes, for me, when something traumatic or hurtful happens, immediately my spirit and heart pours out and I sometimes read scripture. This transpires into a Christian poem.

What would you tell someone who wants to write a poem, but does not know where to begin?
Start with a few words on paper about how they feel. Then process slowly, with a few lines. Also, try reading the poems of famous poets like Robert Frost. I would suggest Psalms as well.

Who is your favorite poet?
Robert Frost, Allen Poe, Maya Angelou. Frost has a unique way of expressing his words, as does Poe.

Do you have a favorite poem?
I don't. Because I love them all.

What do you like to do when you are not writing poetry?
Mostly, uploading and designing my websites, and/or play a game, or crafting.  

What does poetry mean to you?
Ministering my love of God from scripture that teaches us love, hope, and of the Holy Spirit, as we are blessed along our journey.

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Stacey-Ann Cole said...

Well done Feon :-)

Joy said...

Good interview, Feon! Thank you for telling me about this. I hope your books do well. Congratulations for getting them published. Blessings to you!

Davis said...

Bless you both. And thank so much for reading my interview and posting a comment.

David C Brown said...

Very interesting. We have so many blessings to write about. The Lord bless you!

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