Thursday, August 13, 2015

On the Way: A Working Woman's Field Guide by Robin Lake

The ultimate guide for every working woman…
A Working Woman's Field Guide
Available on Kindle

You’ve read Lean In and other inspirational books on women in the workplace. Now how do you turn your goals into reality? Start putting ideas into practice today. 

This essential guide offers practical steps on how to build and grow a successful and satisfying career. It is the first tactical handbook for professional women with detailed nuts-and-bolts tips on all aspects of day-to-day working life. The author has created a well-organized reference guide relevant to any woman seeking to enter or navigate the professional world. The book pinpoints best practices by category, peppered with personal anecdotes and observations. 

Lake offers modern guidance on topics including choosing a career path, job searching, office behavior, having a family while working, and stress management. The book focuses on smart, realistic strategies for all stages of career whether one is enjoying success or tackling tough times. 

On the Way is a key companion resource to complement other popular books on women and business. Keep it in your library to pull out over and over as a starting point for next steps in any working world situation.

Editorial Reviews
"If you are on the way to your corner office this book is a must-read.  Every page contains a nugget of wisdom that will help you to navigate the journey with the winning combination of grace and confidence."  
- Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

"On the Way is packed with practical steps on how women can navigate the business world, from finding a job to handling success. Go for it!" 
- Gail Evans, author of Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman

The ultimate guide for every working woman…
A Working Woman's Field Guide
Available on Kindle

Robin Lake works in global business on technology innovation and sustainability for an F500 company. Prior roles have included senior manager, strategist, international negotiator, and attorney. She holds a juris doctorate, a master's degree and business certificates. Robin grew up moving around the world including in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. She currently lives on the West Coast of the United States.

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