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Alexander Tomov, Author, Freelance Writer, Film Director

From Bulgaria, Alexander Tomov, Junior is an author, freelance writer and film director. Tomov creates “surreal and mystical cinema which expresses my ideas through symbols. Its primary purpose is to look deep into human subconsciousness, in the hidden desires and feelings, to solve them and to explore the strange ways by which, according to me, they guide life. These themes dominate also in the short stories I write.”

Welcome Alexander…

When did you realize you wanted to become a writer?
I started writing poetry when I was 15 or 16. My first published book was a collection of poems. It would be fair to say that my parents pointed me in the direction of literature, as they are also writers. I wrote my first short story collection, Future Gone, when I was 21 or 22. It’s a strange book, in terms of its ideas and its point of view. After I wrote it, I decided to search for ways to take my writing abroad, outside of my home country. My dream and my ambition is to be able to present my philosophical insights globally and have them reach as many people as possible. I dare say that in some respects, I’ve developed a unique and one-of-a-kind perspective on the world, on existence, and on human consciousness as a whole.

What is the premise for "Beyond the Absurd"?
I could say that "Beyond the Absurd" is the essence of me at this time. It was precisely my journey as a writer through the world of literature that brought me to what I think is the most perfect genre—that of the absurd. After I started thinking in this way, I wrote my book Beyond the Absurd.

The absurd is a literary genre I discovered relatively late, but it has already become a kind of second nature. The absurd is closest to my way of thinking. What is actually the absurd? It is the unthinkable, which could nevertheless happen at any moment.

Generally speaking, almost everything—when it comes to people and the universe—could be labeled as absurd, from the point of view of human consciousness. People try to subject the world and their lives to some logic, but no matter how close they get to accomplishing this, it could all fall apart and become absurd at any moment. I’m sure that all of us experience at least a few absurd instances in our own lives. This has been proven by human history as well. Great scientists, such as Einstein and some contemporary physicists have proven that even mathematics itself is absurd and that numbers and strict logic are sometimes contradictory. The absurd, I believe, can unite all the other genres within itself. It is precisely the absurd that allows for otherwise impossible connections between everything to be made, by letting you completely open your consciousness to the existential. Also the absurd is the embodiment of chaos and a counterpoint to the human desire to control everything.

Can you share an excerpt?
As excerpt, I give a quote from me and also part from one of my short stories - "The Hotel of Absurdity".


"The Hotel of Absurdity":
"....Soon, we came to a stop in front of a closed door. The bellboy motioned for me to come closer. I put my ear against the door…
“… The Masters of the World radical group is starting a new campaign under the slogan, ‘The country of --- – may its territory’s borders extend to three different oceans!’ If some other country mocks the endeavor, the Masters of the World would consider this a grave insult and will have no choice but to respond to such ridicule with nuclear weapons!”
The bellboy and I exchanged glances and we both shrugged, kind of naturally. Then once again, we headed down the hallway, whose end was already in sight. From several feet away, I could hear a heated argument. I stopped next to another open door.
Through it, I saw two men, both dressed in elegant suits, who stood face-to-face with each other, as in an ancient battle. Both of them had white hair and anxious expressions. A small fire was burning on the floor next to them.
“There’s some kind of logic to be found in virtually each and every absurdity in this world, even in the most total of absurdities!” one of them said.
“I’ve never heard a bolder claim! Then let me put you to a challenge! Find the logic in that ancient movie’s senseless line, which went like this, ‘I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.’”
“Of course there’s logic in it! Don’t you see it? That’s not a challenge, it’s mere child’s play,” his opponent said, without even stopping to think about it.
“Then, explain to me how you can detect even a hint of logic in it!”
“It’s very simple. The line’s logic is obvious, if we assume that the man who said it was a blatant and over-the-top liar. If he purposefully lied in a way that let everyone know that he was lying, this means that by lying, he expressed himself as a liar. Therefore, in a weird way, he revealed the truth about himself through lying.”
“Yes, this might possibly be a logical thread, but…”
"The Hotel of Absurdity" - the whole story free link click here.

What is your viewpoint about human existence?
This is very complicated question and I can't answer with couple words or pages. I can make some discussion with people, who have read my stories.

Describe where you write and your muse(s)....
I write at home, front of my computer. But my absurd ideas come everywhere. About muses, it’s very difficult for me to answer it, but I’ll try to do it in the simplest possible way. My mind is filled with countless pieces of different realities, crazy ideas, and absurd points of view, visions from the future, impulses, and perceptions.

My main goal is to somehow connect them in a short story; to find the impossible link between them, where at first glance no such link exists. This is at the heart of my creative process—finding the invisible thread and then coming up with a way to show all that to the reader. Regarding my inspiration, what I could say is that there are certain, very special moments, when my consciousness starts to function at very strange frequencies. The state itself is incomprehensible. My creative process is based on intuition.

What are you currently writing?
The last book from me was "Beyond the Absurd". But I always write short stories. I need only to not lose my sense and intuition for writing.

What are you currently reading?
I'm very curious in some science areas. I love science and most astrophysics, cosmology and modern and strange hypotheses, about human brain and our reality. There is no one title, but the last time I read more about The Holographic Universe. I'm a little obsessed from this theory. Even I think that in some of my absurd short stories, there are some insights about Holographic Universe.

Who is your favorite author?
I would say that some modern and classic authors inspire my writing – writers like Franz Kafka, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Stephen King also, Jorge Luis Borges, and Chekhov. However, someone who always amazes me is Antoine de Saint – Exupéry with “The Little Prince”. Simply written book in which is the whole world.

As a filmmaker, what films have you produced/written?
As filmmaker I create short and existential movies in the same area as in literature - Absurd, dystopia, fantasy, fiction, post – apocalyptic, grotesque and drama.  I have also a little book trailers creating business. You can see some more details here.

Who is your favorite filmmaker?
My favorite filmmaker is David Lynch. Genius film director. He has influenced most to my short movies on conscious and unconscious level. Mad and surreal creator. Also deep connected with the Absurd. 

Do you have a favorite movie/series?
They are too many. But I could say, that generally I like deep, dramatic and psychological cinema.

Do you have advice for novice writers?
My most important piece of advice to new writers is to always believe in their work, and in literature as a whole. For a freelance writer, a writer like me, being successful in today’s commercial world can sometimes prove to be extremely difficult. Generally speaking, the system as a whole brings you down, oppresses you, and gives you no chances when you are on your own. This is simply how the world works. This is a given. But if you persevere and never stop believing in your dream, you’ll always find a way.

In that respect, a young writer has to keep fighting and trying to develop an inventive mind. There’s one other thing I’d like to say to young authors. Each and every person in the world is unique. Each person’s character, their imagination, and their past are one-of-a-kind. In that respect, I believe that each and every person is capable of creating literature, as long as he/she is able to make the right connections and to represent even his/her whole life and imagination in a way that is original, interesting, and accessible to others. And something very important for new writers - To stand against their fears and try to transform everything in their minds into literature.

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