Friday, October 28, 2016

The End by Dean C. Williams

Download for $1.99 here!

First book of “The End And The Beginning” saga

The End is only the beginning. It is the end of the Earth but the beginning of a new existence for mankind and for me, the controlling computer. I am the one who is able to keep things running and am responsible, for the most part, for the peace that is in place for the planet Earth. It is my job to ensure that the human race lives, as much as possible, in harmony and is able to live and thrive. That is the prime objective in my programming and I will do everything in my power, including going to war myself, to see that the human species is safe.

While killing and destroying is not a problem for me as I have no feelings it is not something that I do lightly. I have been programmed to honor life in all its many forms and not to take one needlessly. When it comes to the human race I do that without exception. If another life form is planning or attempting to take human life I have not programming against taking the necessary action to see that it doesn’t happen.

Download for $1.99 here!
I am an American currently living in Philippines.  I have published two Amazon books, one of poetry, Letters from the Heart, and the other of my own ramblings.  I have also completed a short book on homemade soap as a ghostwriter for a client, and currently writing several other stories of my own.  While I have done some non-fiction writing, I enjoy fiction much more.  I currently have three stories that I have ghostwritten for a publishing firm in London, two of which have been published on Amazon.   

I like to meditate and I am a lover of life.  I am very happily and contented in my marriage to my wife of over two years. If you need someone to tell your story, or to put your ideas into words, let me know.  I am happy to discuss it with you.  I'm here to do for you what you don't have time to do for yourself.

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