Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Beginning: Book One, The Sapphire Staff by Chris Dyer

“I could not bear to put it down!”
New from Chris Dyer, Africa
Available in Paperback and eBook

Can one boy hold the fate of the world in his hands? Can a "chance" meeting change his life? Marvin is just a boy trying to survive in a devastated world. But Marvin is no ordinary 16 year old as he is soon to discover. His "chance" meeting takes him on a journey to find the Sapphire Staff and to discover that myth and legend are far more real than just old tales told by the fireside. Creatures of myth and magic hidden for centuries in the shadows must step into the light and stand side by side with mankind.

Instead of using the normal channels, the author has taken comments from the manuscript readers who are normal members of the public. As he says they are the people that are important and will be the ones to buy the book.

The characters were brilliant, the story line was thrilling and the plot twists through the book, kept it by my side so that any moment of free time 
I could start reading. I could not bear to put it down. I absolutely loved it! Renee Bolz

Probably the most intriguing piece of work in the modern world of literature... I’m a fan!

What can I say? I’m hooked, cleverly imaginative, full of suspense, loved the characters, looking forward to seeing the manuscript for the sequel.

Loved the book now waiting for the movie (and the sequel)!

My Review
From the first paragraph, author Chris Dyer entices you into another world of engaging characters, thrilling scenarios, and dramatic encounters. Marvin, the main character, is a charismatic teen, taking a journey into the unknown to find the Sapphire Staff. Recommended reading for those wishing to follow in the steps of Marvin, encountering mythical creatures and mystical lands. 
Gina, Riding & Writing

About the Author   
Chris Dyer has spent his life around horses. He is at the moment living in Africa and has expanded his genres from nonfiction to fiction as well. Chris has written on the subject of horses, natural remedies and country cures and has now expanded into the field of fantasy with this his first book in a series. He spent time in Africa where he helped to set up a wildlife park. He hopes to go back for a short period... he hopes to bring in a pride of white lion to the park and has been asked to supervise their induction.

Chris is working on the follow up to The Beginning: The Sapphire Staff which is titled The Emerald Land. he has several other projects underway, including a newer more comprehensive version of his original Plant Potions & Oils for Horses and a novel Sting in the Tail based around the racehorse industry. He says that if only one person buys his book and enjoys it he has reached his goal... though he would love for many to do the same.

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“I could not bear to put it down!”
New from Chris Dyer
Available in Paperback and eBook

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