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FISHY BUSINESS: How the wisdom of the angler can help you succeed at work by James Ignizio and Bill Ignizio

20th Anniversary Edition

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Jim Schachter, New York Times, "Delightful."

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How the wisdom of the angler can help you succeed at work 

Stephen Covey’s "seven habits of highly effective people?" Norman Vincent Peale’s "power of positive thinking?" Dale Carnegie’s "how to win friends and influence people?"

Realize that none of these powerful – yet fundamentally simple – concepts will change your life one iota unless you first make the decision to embrace them. In other words, the decisions you make are the single most influential factor determining your future.

This is true whether you are a business leader, military officer, entrepreneur, politician, physician, dentist, lawyer, student, or just someone who is serious about achieving a better life. Simply put, your success – or lack of it – depends on the decisions you make.

Making better decisions does not require exotic or complex tools. The "seven habits," " positive thinking," and "winning friends and influencing people" are straightforward concepts that can be understood and pursued by anyone with the determination to improve their lives. This is just as true of the two essential factors that underlie improved decision-making:

• A broadening of your frame of reference, and
• An appreciation of how your frame of reference influences the analogies you derive, and thus the decisions you reach.

In Fishy Business, we illustrate – through entertaining fishing parables and actual business stories – just how you can broaden your frame of reference, thus deriving a wider range of analogies, and – as a consequence – reach improved decisions.

Biography: James Ignizio
Thanks for visiting my page. I have three writing careers at the moment – one as a mystery novel writer, one as a writer of inspirational novels, and one as the author of nonfiction books. In my rapidly diminishing spare time; I teach, research, and apply the methods of artificial intelligence, intelligent decision systems, and management science to real-world problems.

Some of the awards for my writing include: The First Hartford Prize (presented by the National Safety Council), the John K Walker, Jr. Award (from the Military Operations Research Society), and an Outdoor Writers Award.

My website, providing more information on published as well as forthcoming books, is:

List of Books by James Ignizio
The Last English Village (2012)
The Dog at the Gate (2015)
Fishy Business:
How the wisdom of the angler can help you succeed at work (20th anniversary edition)
Optimizing Factory Performance
Linear Programming (with Tom Cavalier)
Plus eight other nonfiction books
These books are all written under a pen name (C. A. James)
Henry, Eddie and Me (forthcoming, fall of 2016)
Sweetie’s Song: The meadows of Heaven
Frank’s Place

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